Why So Many People Love The Bum Gun

Mar 6, 2019 | The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayers

I understand you might be a bit apprehensive about investing in The Bum Gun.

Of course, you’ll be able to find cheaper alternatives on Amazon and eBay. Some of them seem to be ok. You will get a few months of use without them starting to drip.

Just depends what kind of quality you’re looking for.

If you would prefer a bidet sprayer which is going to last you much longer, then please keep reading because I think you’ll appreciate the comments.

We obviously get a lot of Bum Gun users sharing their feelings about this massive upgrade in their day-to-day lives.

There’s nothing like finally being free of feeling ‘less-than-clean’ between showers. Or finally free of anal itch and discomfort.

Proper personal hygiene practices is vital for our daily happiness.

When we only had toilet paper, that was but a pipe-dream.

But thankfully innovation and developments have finally arrived for ‘Taking Care of Business’…

So, here are a few happy Bum Gun uses discussing the benefits of their bidet sprayers, here are a few snippets:

“Bum Gun install – quick and easy”

I received my Bum Gun and had it installed, which was quick and easy. What a life changer it is for me. I can’t believe I have been so long without one. How have we missed the boat here in the USA with our penchant for cleanliness? Gone are the days of wiping and obviously still not being really clean. Now if you could make a travel Bum Gun for campers, hikers, travellers, etc. that I’m sure would be great for people and your finances.

Thanks so much for making the world a better, cleaner place.   XOXO

Rhonda Lackmann – San Jose, California


The Bum Gun Australia

I found the service to be amazing and the UK supplier was very helpful and obliging. The product appears to be very good quality and should suit our purpose admirably. We are overseeing the building of a new home for a friend and have recommended they use the product also and would certainly recommend anybody wishing to include these in their home or office contact this supplier who is very well versed in the application and use of this product.

Brian & Lyn Barker – Cooley, Australia


One More Female Fan of The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayer

I am not normally one to do product testimonials, but I feel obligated to write a review for a product I just purchased online. At first I was apprehensive about buying online, but I got a lot of confidence by the professional approach I received when I emailed the Bum Gun. He was genuinely kind and professional from the start. He recommended the Titan model, which is a stainless steel model. I was happy to receive my new gun!! I actually installed it myself following the short video he sent. I have now had my Bum Gun bidet sprayer for about 3 weeks and love it. For any female you cannot live without this amazing invention!! Awesome does not describe it enough. Thanks again.

Hanna Williams, Sri Lanka


The Bum Gun – Cracking piece of kit!

The Bum Gun is an awesome bathroom tool kit! Never thought I would like the idea but after using it now for 3 years plus I would be lost with it. The bum gun really does clean up and refresh the parts other products cannot reach…! Every home should have The Bum Gun installed it’s the most hygienic bathroom tool going!

Thanks Greg at The Bum Gun

Paul, Harrogate, N. Yorks, UK

 “The Toilet Paper Emancipation Project”

The Bum Gun is a wonderful, high-quality product that will make you wonder why you ever thought toilet paper use was a clean habit! Combining the cleansing power of water and finishing up with a small square of fabric or two will liberate you forever from buying toilet paper. As far as the state of the used fabric squares is concerned, the water takes care of something like 99.9% of the cleaning, so what people say about “trace amounts” of matter left over is really true. I’ve never felt so clean in my life. And I love being able to use fewer resources in my daily living. If you want to shrink your environmental footprint and save money, this is a great way to do it. As with many other environmentally friendly habits I have adopted, this new way of doing things surprises me yet again by being superior to the old habits in every way. I do not feel that I have had to make sacrifices in order to live more sensibly.

Kirsten USA


Essential for dating & marital hygiene

Toilet paper is a barbaric western concept that merely smears the detritus around, so undergarments are fouled and intimacies can be — well, stinky. This inexpensive product, which has been used for decades in Asia, is the answer. It’s easy to plumb next to your toilet (any do it yourselfer can do it), and I swear, after walking around clean for a week or so, you’ll insist on using this product and soap. It’s like giving your nether region a shower after each session, and I guarantee you’ll be telling friends & lovers about it right away. It’s the 21st century, and about time that western hygiene caught up. I have one for every toilet in the house, and bought one for mom & dad, too.

If you’re a guy, the girls gossip a lot about foul-smelling men. Using this product ensures you won’t be gossip fodder.

Geoff – Cheyenne, WY, USA

Love this product. Wish I had bought one years ago.

Buy this it’s really good. Saves a fortune on toilet paper and you feel really clean after use. Takes a few days to get used to it but once you get the hang of it, it works a treat.

Fay, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK


 “Not only a Bidet Sprayer but much much more….”

We have in our establishment 5 Bum Guns and we and our customers love them.

We have 3 in the guest toilets and they are used daily by dozens of customers, one in the kitchen and one in the bar. They save our time, and very useful with many jobs.

Money well spent as they make our job easier and our customers’ bums cleaner.

Thanks to the bum gun.

Paolo, Mamma Mia Italian Restaurant


The Bum Gun — Welcome to the future of hygiene!

I have recently been introduced to the Bum Gun through the internet, and not first-hand experience. But even without having previously test driven an operational Bum Gun I could tell I was looking into the future. A future where lavatories aren’t bunged up with dirty toilet paper, where we don’t need to waste good money buying a product we wipe on our anus and then throw away, and where we finally have a more civilised and efficient way of cleaning our arse-clackers after crimping off an oily loaf.

I couldn’t wait to try out my brand new Bum Gun bidet sprayer, it was very reasonably priced and I was even given 10% off on certain models. The Titan model I chose is stylish and simple to install, now I have a bathroom I can be proud of. Instead of some naff toilet roll containment device, I have a sleek, chrome impressive looking device which leaves me as fresh as a daisy, even after a particularly troublesome evacuation.

I would certainly never go back to the frankly barbaric and uncivilised method of bunghole wiping. Besides all the effects on the environment and your finances, it’s just so last century. When Arthur C. Clarke wrote 2001: A Space Odyssey I’m certain he did not envision the future of mankind wiping their dung-pumps with recycled paper. But I’m sure the writer and inventor enjoyed his own Bum Gun bidet sprayer at his home in Sri Lanka.

Earl Morningstarr – UK


Never thought I’d love a bum gun…!

Can’t imagine I’m writing a review of this item, but I think it’s a very undervalued item everyone should be aware off!

Lived in China the last 6 years where they still use good ol’ fashion toilet paper and when I moved to Thailand it was where i first saw those Bum guns. As we say in Holland, “what the farmer doesn’t know, he doesn’t eat”, so haven’t used them in the first few months until my toilet got stuck LOL.

The toilets here are not made to flush paper, did I know…. So I finally overcame my fear and started using the bum gun, ordered mine online saving me the embarrassment to buy one in the shop in the process ;).  I have to say, it was a revelation!

The use of paper can be down to one little piece It feels so more cleaner then the paper, where always your fingers stick through in the end… yak… and saving a ton of paper in the process!

The environment will be grateful:). Now I installed a bidet sprayer gun in every bathroom of my house and office. Trying to convince my family in Europe to start using them too!

It kinda weird how you can be enthusiastic about this little piece of technology, but after you’ve used them once, its goodbye to the paper toilet roll!

Greetz and happy sprayin, Arno – Bumgun user for life! – Holland


The Bum Gun‘s an Excellent idea

After living a number of years in S.E Asia, it’s great to be able to get hold of a bumgun now in the USA… They are so much more hygienic than toilet paper.

There’s no point waiting guys!

Cindy, USA

Comfort and Joy

Yes, joy! That may seem a strange word to associate with having a dump, but with The Bum Gun, life’s little necessity does become a joy. A clean, fresh bottom guaranteed every time. No endless rubbing raw with dirty loo paper, wondering whether you ‘got it all’. Now when I go out I have a list of pubs and restaurants that have a Bum Gun as I know I will have to have a dump after some spicy tucker and a few lagers, and those places are top of my list. I can’t tell you how bad toilet paper is once you’ve used The Bum Gun, it can “soil your hole evening!!”

At home, I will never live without The Bum Gun again, I like to make my trips to the dunny a joy, not a dirty mess! Worth every penny and more.

Apple Andy, Sydney, Australia

The Bum Gun Review

I can report the ‘Bum Gun ‘ works perfectly well and thank you for a timely delivery.
The Bum Gun has a very professional and light hearted website.

After my payment I received a thank you message and confirmation my payment was successful. I think this is important because a lot of us are still apprehensive of buying on the internet.

After a few days we received the requested Bum Gun much to mine and especially my wife’s delight.

We followed the company YouTube install video and found it very easy, a 10 minute job.

After about 6 months of using our Bum Gun we both love it, and now well believe the company statement “you never go back to toilet paper.”

I hope my observations are constructive and help your business.

Thank you from both myself and especially my wife!!

Colin, Edgware Road, London, UK

The Bum Gun Zeus Bidet Sprayer

The bum gun bidet sprayer is the way to go in my opinion. The bum gun is way softer on your private bits than rubbing around with toilet paper, and much cheaper in the long term. I love it! Especially useful for females who need extra special hygiene help at certain times of the month. Great service from this company and especially impressed by their unbelievable attention to detail and follow up. I can see this company is ultra-serious about looking after their customers. Nice to see in these days of rush rush!!

Jennie, Florida

Can’t live without it!

The Bum Gun is fantastic for helping me to feel really clean after…well, after doing the big job :). Paper alone just doesn’t cut it anymore now that I’ve tried the Bum Gun. That perfect spray of water right where it’s needed does the best clean-up job, and it is so refreshing. A handy bidet on a hose—what a great invention! For sure, it’s a great value and must-have for every bathroom in my home.


Great customer service

My product came as ordered, and the customer service was terrific. Will use again! Thanks.

I love the bum gun which I’ve been using for a few years now.

I love the bum gun which I’ve been using for a few years now. I have the Zeus model. It is so simple to use and beats toilet paper without question. There is absolutely no comparison really if you are serious about getting clean after the toilet. In fact I can’t stand using any bathroom that doesn’t have the bum gun installed.

Peemanus, Jacksonville, Florida

Your life will never be the same again

I often thought when I was growing up in Australia that it was very wrong and unhygienic to wipe one’s bottom with a piece of paper. My attitude was confirmed when I saw my female Grade 7 Maths teacher with a stream of loo paper hanging out of her skirt. I lived in Asia and thought one of their greatest contributions to civilisation was the spray bidet, so much so that when I returned to Oz recently I brought back the necessary quantity of Bum Gun sprayers. Cheap to plumb in, protects you from disease, and saves you a ton of money. Thank you Bum Gun.

Catters, Australia

WoW Can’t Live Without it now!!

I was on my holiday in Thailand last year, and got very fond of the Bum Gun while i was there.
So when i came back to the UK i got on line to see were i could sort one this web site was fantastic and i even called there office and they were very, very helpful much recommended.

Jane, York, England

“The bum gun bidet sprayer is the way to go”

The bum gun bidet sprayer is the way to go in my opinion. The bum gun is way softer on your private bits than scraping with toilet paper, and much cheaper in the long term. I got mine from https://www.thebumgun.com/store/ and love it! Especially useful for females who need extra special hygiene help at certain times of the month. Great service from this company and especially impressed by their unbelievable attention to detail and follow up. I can see this company is ultra-serious about looking after their customers.

Jenny, New Southgate, N14

Bum Gun Professionalism

I have been using the Bum Gun Company for quite some time now and find that the staff and service are excellent. After a trip to Asia, I wanted to be able to buy bidet sprayers for my home and business; however, I was unable to find them. After a quick search on the Internet I came across the Bum Gun Company and they were able to answer all my questions and provide me with advice on how best to install the product once it had arrived. Now that I have the product in my business, many of my employees have also bought the product for their homes and have recommended it to their friends and relatives.

I expect this company to do great business in the future for a number of reasons. Firstly, they have a great product. Secondly, they have great service. And finally, they have a great team. A winning combination!

James, France

One Last Thing ..

If you’d like more information about The Bum Gun, please check out my latest book.

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greg-noland-australiaDedicated to improving your quality of life,

Greg Noland

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Greg Noland

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