About The Bum Gun

So what is this amazing, life-changing product? It’s The Bum Gun bidet sprayer.
Sometimes called the ‘Toilet Bum Wash’. The Titan is our supreme best seller for its slick design, and 98% stainless steel construction, giving lasting durability and why we offer a long 5-year warranty.
Why are we so confident to offer such a long warranty you might ask? Agreed, most other suppliers offer one year if you’re lucky.
Well, for a start, The Titan trigger mechanism is tested for over 500,000 depressions. That is the equivalent of about 114 years for a family of 4.
Do you agree you have less energy when you feel sick, feel under the weather? What do you think makes you sick? Right, bacteria.
And what do you come into contact with a lot when you use toilet paper? Right again, bacteria.
One of the beauties of The Bum Gun® is that everyone can afford one. You have nothing to lose.
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied after trying your Bum Gun bidet sprayer, simply return, and get your money back.
You know it makes sense to get ‘Properly Clean’ after every poop.

Save Your Hard Earned Money

Have you ever calculated how much you spend on toilet paper over a 5 year period? I bet you'd be pretty shocked if you worked it out. It'll be much higher than you think. And why not spend that money on something much more fun.

304 Stainless Steel Bum Guns

Invest in our 304 stainless steel bum gun bidet sprayers with an elegant matt satin finish. Stainless steel is not just the perfect complement to your bathroom. But it'll last you for years and years.

If you’re tired of feeling dirty after using toilet paper. And you want to stop throwing your good money down the toilet every day, why don’t you test drive your own Bum Gun. 

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