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"Do You Want To Save £6,156.00 On Your Toilet Paper Bill Over The Next 5 Years?"

I will explain the true ROI costs of The Bum Gun bidet sprayer in the chart below. First, as we know the toilet paper multi-pack annoyingly fills most of the shopping trolley in the supermarket. And this is one of those products, probably due to the size, that we don’t often stock up on by more than a week or two supply.

So in the chart below I will compare a 9 roll multi-pack of toilet paper with our best-selling bidet sprayer, The Titan with 3-way safety valve + P&P. A total of £95.

Here are a few examples of estimated payback timeframes on your bidet from toilet paper savings. I understand that your house might use less or more than the figures stated, and also that you might use a different brand, at a different price point. So please just use the figures given as a guideline.

Furthermore, I have not included the price of water as this is minimal anyway.

In the UK a typical brand’s 9-pack sells for about £13.65 and has 160 sheets per roll (Amazon – Andrex Aloe Vera Skin Kind), meaning that the pack will last a family of four about 4 days.

Toilet Paper X
(9 Roll Pack)
The Titan Bidet Sprayer Set
(The Bum Gun)
Cost per pack: †£13.65£95
Cost over 30 days††:£102.60£95
Cost over 1 year ††:£1,231.20£95
Cost over 5 years††:£6,156.00£95
  • †Sample pricing and data were compiled on 29th Nov 2020.
    ††Based on a UK household size of 4 people, and a daily average use of 90 sheets per person.

The costs above do not include:

  • Visitors to your house
  • Teenage girls living in the house (they use more, much more)
  • Price increases of toilet paper over 5 years
  • Fuel costs to go buy toilet paper every week

From the table, you can see how the Titan set (Titan and 3 way valve inc P&P) £95 would pay for itself within only 27 days. Depending on your household habits, your payback period could even be less, such as having more children, or female teens who use the most toilet paper out of all participants in research.


For sure, you might use less than 90 sheets per day. You might buy a cheaper brand of toilet paper than Andrex Aloe Vera Skin Kind.

But many people tell me they use much more than 90 sheets per day. And they buy more expensive brands.

So, please use the figures as a baseline only.

Does £95 sound like an expensive investment for your family?

I just took these regular household products from the Debenhams website. There is nothing life-changing out of any of these products, but most people have something similar. I would NEVER replace my Bum Gun in favour of any of these appliances if I could only choose one product.

  • Dualit Toaster: £80
  • Miele Allervac 5000 Vacuum Cleaner: £279
  • Krups Pixie Red Coffee Machine: £190
  • Sage Juicer: £150
  • Microwave Oven: £279
  • KitchenAid ‘Candy Apple’ food mixer: £429

The reason I have shown this analysis is to help you understand that The Bum Gun is not expensive. In fact, The Bum Gun will save you a very tidy amount over 5 years. And with an ROI in less than 2 months, there is nothing to hold your family back from enjoying this upgrade in their lives.

And of course, this is in addition to all the extraordinary hygiene benefits you get… plus, the environmental savings you’re contributing to as well.


“I was familiar already with the Asian style bidet sprayer and a convert from the start. When I came across the Bum Gun Company on returning to the UK I did not hesitate to order two sprayer kits. One for the bathroom and the other for the cloakroom toilet. They have been installed for about 4 weeks and are a winner in every sense. Smart in appearance. Adding style but above all comfortable and super hygienic to use. While at the same time offering a massive saving on the use of toilet rolls. This is an amazing piece of kit that every UK family deserves.”

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