The Bum Gun Benefits

Finally an alternative to toilet paper, and so simple. Why did it take so long for someone to think of using water to clean our most intimate areas?


“Save £6,156.00 on your toilet paper bill over the next 5 years

with one of the smartest inventions of the last 100 years”

Relish Being SHOWER FRESH CLEAN ALL Day Long. End Anal Itch. AND Save Tons of Money.

You use water for every other cleaning job. Why not use water to clean your precious private parts after using the toilet?

No need to ‘smear’ with toilet paper any longer…

“and for the price of a meal for 2 people you can finally get SHOWER FRESH CLEAN after every toilet visit.”

The Bum Gun bidet sprayer is the smartest, and most cost-effective personal hygiene device available to you right now.

Research says 84% of adults experience pain from using toilet paper. If that includes you, then you’re gonna love this simple hand-held mini shower device. It’s easy to install next to your toilet. Even if your bathroom is tiny.

I discovered this smart invention whilst on a trip to Asia in 1991. It has changed my life forever. Without going into the gory detail here, (I’ll get to that later)

  • I hated the results toilet paper was giving me.
  • It was cutting my skin, giving me endless pain & discomfort.
  • I knew it was never getting me clean and that made me feel uncomfortable and dirty.
  • And I hated wasting money down the toilet every day.

“Discover Why Toilet Paper is Not the Healthy Choice in 2024”

 Now, a more practical and hygienic cleansing solution after every bathroom visit.

“But I must warn you. Once you start using this upgrade in health & hygiene, you will never be happy using toilet paper again!”

It does not happen every day that new inventions come out and revolutionize the way we live our lives.
We all use a vacuum cleaner now instead of a brush and dustpan. Most of us have a microwave instead of a pressure cooker.
And now we have the toilet paper replacement for the 21st century.

You will love going to the bathroom as soon as you have The Bum Gun installed.

No more having to strip off and jump in the shower because you feel dirty after using toilet paper.

Look, the truth is, the world is taking up this incredible device in waves. Soon every restaurant, café, bar or hotel will have The Bum Gun installed. Just like in Asia.

Ready to refresh and cleanse your most intimate areas after every toilet visit.

You will love this device in your life, suitable for all the family

Many people don’t want to talk about hygiene habits. You might even be uncomfortable reading this. But please keep with me. I promise you’ll not regret it.

  • When you urinate do you think toilet paper is the most effective way to clean?
  • After a no.2 (or bowel movement), do you think toilet paper is the best way to clean your undercarriage?
  • Do you think it is a good idea to contaminate your fingers with faecal matter or urine?

Water is always your preferred option when cleaning everything else in your life.

Now, is the time to update your bathroom.

Let’s take the right step to solve these important hygiene issues. Every day I cherish this invention and HATE it when I have to use toilet paper away from home.

Why Toilet Paper is Not the Perfect Solution For Your Family

  • When you get your hands dirty. Do you wipe them with a cloth or tissue? 
  • When your clothes are dirty. Do you take a cloth to wipe them clean?
  • When a bird poops on your arm in your garden. Do you use a tissue to try wipe it off?
  • When you are dripping with sweat from the gym. Do you use a cloth to try wipe your body clean?

I bet you answered no to all four questions. You use water to clean yourself and your clothes properly in all these situations.

So, why do you still use toilet paper?

I’m guessing, you still use toilet paper because you don’t know any different.

It is not your fault, because you just haven’t heard about this modern development in personal hygiene yet.

Or you’ve heard the name but didn’t understand what it does, or how it works. And you might be thinking who is this guy and why is he qualified to sell this product. I will explain below…

You Deserve The 21st Century Bathroom Hygiene Solution

In 1991 I went to Thailand to learn Thai boxing. This is when I discovered this super-smart invention for the first time. This trip would change my life forever.  I hated the results toilet paper was giving me. It was cutting my skin, giving me endless pain. I hated that it never got me properly clean. And I also hated wasting money down the toilet every day. Sound familiar?

This life-changing device is The Bum Gun bidet sprayer. Millions of Asians use its invigorating jet of water to refresh and cleanse every day. Using water to clean your body should not surprise you. So don’t discount this advancement in bathroom hygiene before you give it a chance. You’ll kick yourself if you miss this chance to improve your life. I don’t want that to happen to you. You work far too hard to have to struggle on with toilet paper. You deserve better in your life.

You might think there is nothing wrong with toilet paper. And, you’re right in thinking that. I was the same too. I was even in Thailand for 2 months before I tried The Bum Gun. It wasn’t until I had a bad stomach upset that I tried this ‘odd sprayer’.

Wow. What an eye-opening experience. And I’ve never looked back.

If you tried the usual bidet back in the 1980’s and weren’t impressed – don’t give up on The Bum Gun before you try one. Those old-style bidets are nothing like this invigorating jet spray.

The Bum Gun is cheaper than a bidet for a start. It’s more practical and saves space too.

The Bum Gun will…

  • Provide a more comforting and softer way to clean your private parts
  • Help you avoid hand contamination from using toilet paper
  • Help you prevent messing up your underpants
  • Have a cleansing, soothing, and refreshing feeling after every bathroom visit
  • Help avoid part of the pain of haemorrhoids that toilet paper can cause
  • Help women avoid overusing irritating feminine hygiene sprays. And give massive benefit during menstruation.

If you switch to using The Bum Gun you will improve your personal hygiene immensely, but also making a hugely positive difference to the environment.

Ok, if ‘The Bum Gun’ is so wonderful and has so many benefits…

Why Don’t More People Use ‘The Bum Gun’?

Standard bidets have been around for years but most people could not afford them or didn’t have big enough bathrooms to install them.

Some of you might have tried one and didn’t like them. I was like that too. I tried one at my friend’s house when I was a teenager, but the water jet was so weak it hardly gave a decent clean. Plus, it was not convenient to finish your business and then have to jump on to another unit.
However, in the last twenty years, there has been a revolution in the form of The Bum Gun stainless steel sprayer. Instead of requiring a separate unit in your bathroom, The Bum Gun is simply a mini-shower hose, with a convenient on-off trigger in the palm of your hand, which also regulates the power of the water jet. So you will always have the desired strength of water jet. This quality is unmatched in any other type of bidet.

Honestly, since I found out the benefits of The Bum Gun, I was very confused also why something so effective is not in every bathroom in the UK, USA, Canada and across Europe. I agree with you that it is baffling. And to be honest I am not exactly sure why this device is not mainstream yet.

But I know, through the hundreds, if not thousands of Bum Gun users I have spoken to over the years, they will NEVER return to toilet paper.

That is social proof enough that this device is an absolute winner. Perhaps thinking about and talking about a device to properly clean your private parts (front and back for the ladies) might just be too strange.

Many Europeans tell me using water to clean after the toilet is much more common in their countries. And talk to most Asians and they do not even believe me that most British and Americans are still using toilet paper. They honestly do not believe me that such ‘advanced cultures’ are still using toilet paper.

I believe it is definitely time for toilet paper users to embrace this technology and put all the embarrassment behind them. They deserve better in their lives, and they owe it to their children and extended families to give The Bum Gun bidet sprayer a chance to prove how properly clean it can help them to be.

I have heard many excuses over the years why toilet paper users might not use The Bum Gun yet:

  • Too difficult to install
  • Probably too expensive
  • They would use too much water
  • The cold water will give them too much of a shock.
  • Possibly difficult to use

But these concerns and worries have no basis at all. The Titan model is our supreme bestseller, and in most cases can be installed without a plumber and within 10 minutes.

The Bum Gun bidet sprayer can also easily be connected to a thermostat so you can use warm water if you wish.

Grabbing streams of toilet paper, folding or scrunching, reaching back, wiping, reaching again, folding or scrunching, reaching back, wiping, again and again and again, is far more complicated than picking up The Bum Gun in one hand, aiming, squeezing the trigger, then drying off. In fact, The Bum Gun is unbelievably simple to use.

Some Products Simply Just Beat The Products They Replace

In my experience, there are some products which come to market and they just beat what came before them without question. These kinds of products just provide clear improvements to the quality of people’s lives, so people embrace them with very little resistance.

And The Bum Gun is one of those products. However much people might feel shy about talking about their hygiene, I don’t believe they will stick with inferior products because of this shyness.

The resistance only comes with making the first step. And that is agreeing to give this refreshing bidet sprayer a try.

Who doesn’t want to enhance their personal hygiene?

We all spend billions every year on deodorants, body care products, gym memberships, and fashionable clothes and accessories, so why would you not want to be ‘Shower Fresh’ clean after every toilet visit?

Ok, ok, so how much does this fancy personal hygiene product cost? Must be an arm and a leg right?

Your Return on Investment (ROI) Within Months

No. I will explain the true cost of The Bum Gun bidet sprayer in the chart below. First, as we know the toilet paper multi-pack annoyingly fills most of the shopping trolley in the supermarket. And this is one of those products, probably due to the size, that we don’t often stock up on by more than a week or two supply.

So in the chart below I will compare a 9 roll multi-pack of toilet paper with our best-selling bidet sprayer, The Titan.

Here are a few examples of estimated payback timeframes on your bidet from toilet paper savings. I understand that your house might use less or more than the figures stated, and also that you might use a different brand, at a different price point. So please just use the figures given as a guideline.

Furthermore, I have not included the price of water as this is minimal anyway.

In the UK a typical brand’s 9-pack sells for about £13.65 and has 160 sheets per roll (Amazon – Andrex Aloe Vera Skin Kind), meaning that the pack will last a family of four about 4 days.

Toilet Paper X
(9 Roll Pack)
Titan Bidet Sprayer Set
(The Bum Gun)
Cost per pack: †£13.65£95
Cost over 30 days††:£102.60£95
Cost over 1 year ††:£1,231.20£95
Cost over 5 years††:£6,156.00£95
  • †Sample pricing and data were compiled on 29th Nov 2020.
    ††Based on a UK household size of 4 people, and a daily average use of 90 sheets per person.

The costs above do not include:

  • Visitors to your house
  • Teenage girls living in the house (they use more, much more)
  • Price increases of toilet paper over 5 years
  • Fuel costs to go buy toilet paper every week

From the table, you can see how the Titan set (Titan and 3 way valve inc P&P) £95 would pay for itself within only 27 days. Depending on your household habits, your payback period could even be less, such as having more children, or female teens who use the most toilet paper out of all participants in research.


For sure, you might use less than 90 sheets per day. You might buy a cheaper brand of toilet paper than Andrex Aloe Vera Skin Kind.

But many people tell me they use much more than 90 sheets per day. And they buy more expensive brands.

So, please use the figures as a baseline only.

Does £95 sound like an expensive investment for your house?

I just took these regular household products from the Debenhams website. There is nothing life-changing out of any of these products, but most people have something similar. I would NEVER replace my Bum Gun in favour of any of these appliances if I could only choose one product.

  • Dualit Toaster: £80
  • Miele Allervac 5000 Vacuum Cleaner: £279
  • Krups Pixie Red Coffee Machine: £190
  • Sage Juicer: £150
  • Microwave Oven: £279
  • KitchenAid ‘Candy Apple’ food mixer: £429

The reason I have shown this analysis is to help you understand that The Bum Gun is not expensive. In fact, The Bum Gun will save you a very tidy amount over 5 years. And with an ROI of only 38 days there is nothing to hold your family back.

And of course, this is in addition to all the extraordinary hygiene benefits you get… plus, the environmental savings you’re contributing to as well.

Installation of The Bum Gun Is A 10 Minute Job

The Bum Gun bidet sprayer is installed right next to the toilet, and with the help of a T-valve, or 3-way valve, water can be fed to fill your toilet’s tank, and feed The Bum Gun.

Installation does not usually require any specialists tools or skills. But of course please contact your local plumber to make sure your installation is done right.

Please see our Installation of The Bum Gun video here:

Are Females The Biggest Beneficiaries of The Bum Gun?

Obviously, due to the differences in physical make-ups between the sexes, some would argue that females are the biggest benefactors of The Bum Gun bidet sprayer.

Earlier I mentioned how important it is to clean your genitals and your anal area after using the toilet. Well, I’m sure most guys would feel they don’t need to use toilet paper after urinating, but all females do. Then, of course, there is female menstruation when The Bum Gun bidet sprayer is definitely the female’s best friend. Just ask my wife.

In these situations, The Bum Gun bidet sprayer really beats all competition. It truly is the practical solution and supports the dual-purpose hygiene mentioned above. When using The Bum Gun bidet sprayer in a public restroom you’ll most likely need to use a little toilet paper to dry, but when at home, most people use a towel to dry, just as you do after a shower, or washing your hands.

Here’s a summary of the biggest benefits of The Bum Gun bidet sprayer.

The Bum Gun bidet sprayer

  • Is cheaper than all forms of standard bidet, including toilet seat bidet attachments.
  • Saves huge amounts of toilet paper
  • Doesn’t need extra space in your bathroom for the regular style bidet units.
  • Allows you dual-hygienic cleansing of both genitals and anal area

I promise you will feel rejuvenated and refreshed like never before when you use The Bum Gun bidet sprayer.

Cleanliness and comfort – impossible to achieve with toilet paper.


Three things that you should hate about toilet paper is that it doesn’t get you properly clean, it often hurts like hell, and you should detest exposing your hands to needless bacteria and germs.


Reduce & even eliminate the need for toilet paper. Do you want to reduce your monthly expenses? You can instantly save your hard earned money on your weekly shop, while making the whole shopping ordeal easier.


You’ve worked very hard to get where you are for a reason. You want & deserve the best in life. With The Bum Gun® in your bathroom you instantly upgrade your health, well-being and lifestyle.


Don’t you hate it when toilet paper tears your skin? Apart from it hurting like hell, it is not hygienic. The bidet sprayer will improve your standard of living, with better personal hygiene.


Everyone can afford The Bum Gun® – For the price of a meal for two, you can test drive a bidet sprayer today. Your Return on Investment (ROI) will be within 2-4 months, as most households report.


Far too many trees are cut down in your lifetime just to service the toilet paper you and your family will need. Then add all the others resources wasted in the production of toilet paper = senseless wastage.


With less than 54% of people washing their hands properly, then perhaps rubbing their eyes and biting their fingernails, is it any wonder we are having more and more days off work sick?


Honestly, you have nothing to lose. I will take the risk for you. If you are not completely satisfied after trying your Bum Gun bidet sprayer for 60 days, simply return, and get your money back.


Few products have 100% customer satisfaction.  It’s no fluke that no one goes back to toilet paper once discovering The Bum Gun! Some inventions just blow away the products they replace & transform our lives.


“I was familiar already with the Asian style bidet sprayer and a convert from the start. When I came across the Bum Gun Company on returning to the UK I did not hesitate to order two sprayer kits. One for the bathroom and the other for the cloakroom toilet. They have been installed for about 4 weeks and are a winner in every sense. Smart in appearance. Adding style but above all comfortable and super hygienic to use. While at the same time offering a massive saving on the use of toilet rolls. This is an amazing piece of kit that every UK family deserves.”

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