The Crazy Environmental Costs of Toilet Paper


If we look at the numbers for toilet paper usage in America, the data is unbelievable.

Some toilet paper statistics in America:

  • The daily production of toilet paper is about 83,048,116 rolls per day. THAT’S A LOT OF TREES!
  • Toilet paper loggers cut down approx 27 million trees every day (National Geographic).
  • Toilet paper factories use 515 billion gallons of water every year.
  • They use 287,000 tons of the chemical chlorine to bleach their toilet paper.
  • And they waste 4 terawatts of electricity making their toilet paper.

This is a staggering waste of resources!!

And these stats don’t include the fuel for the trucks to stock our supermarkets every week. And your fuel to go buy this product week on week, year-after-year. Also, this is only for the USA. What about all the environmental wastage for the UK, Canada, and Australia?

All this data provides even more motivation to find ways to at least cut back on toilet paper usage. Wouldn’t you agree?

Ok, I know you are eager to find out about this solution which I’m strongly recommending to you today. So let’s dive straight in…


“I was familiar already with the Asian style bidet sprayer and a convert from the start. When I came across the Bum Gun Company on returning to the UK I did not hesitate to order two sprayer kits. One for the bathroom and the other for the cloakroom toilet. They have been installed for about 4 weeks and are a winner in every sense. Smart in appearance. Adding style but above all comfortable and super hygienic to use. While at the same time offering a massive saving on the use of toilet rolls. This is an amazing piece of kit that every UK family deserves.”

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