Have you ever wondered why your teenage kids get through so much toilet paper?

And if you have a teenage daughter, I’m pretty sure those rolls of supposedly ‘fluffy stuff’ seem to be flying out the window!

Well, flying down the toilet…

In fact, they probably are…(along with your hard earned money!)

If you think back to your time as a teen, you will probably remember all sorts of strange changes going on with your body.

To be honest, I pretty much hated my teen years.

They were tough in so many areas.

And one of the worst was puberty problems…

Yes, we all have to face puberty.

But there is no reason for feeling dirty…

There’s no reason to accept broken skin and feel constant pain from toilet paper…

And that’s what toilet paper did to me, every day growing up…

And there’s definitely no good reason to force your daughter to go through this pain and discomfort in 2020!!



This is one of the reasons my wife and I wrote the OMG Teen Book Series (Click HERE to View)

To help all teens find answers to the problems which plagued us when we were teens.



And look, there is NO GETTING AROUND IT…


Toilet Paper Does NOT Get You Properly Clean!!

Are you shaking your head right now?


If you are, then you ARE in denial…


If toilet paper was so awesome, you’d use it with toothpaste to clean your teeth…

If toilet paper was so awesome, you’d use it with shampoo to wash your hair…

If toilet paper was so awesome, you’d use it with soap to clean your body…


You use WATER!!


Because it gets you PROPERLY clean…

And that’s why ALL your family deserve a device that delivers a water option when they are cleaning their private parts…



End your family’s toilet paper pain and suffering today!

Why Do Female Teens Use So Much Toilet Paper? 

A little-known fact is that female teens are by far the biggest users of toilet paper.

Research says female teens can easily go through a roll of toilet paper about 6-8 times faster than a male teen.

I have had customers tell me that one female teen in their house can go through as much as 1 or 2 rolls per day at some times during the month.

With two female teens and mum in the house, then you could easily be going through a huge bale of toilet paper every week.

A needless waste of money, for a product that has been taken over by modern developments in technology.


So Where Does All That Toilet Paper Go?

For a start, females use way more toilet paper than men, pretty much as a rule, because of anatomy and also because of menstruation.

Perhaps the biggest reason though for the high rate of usage among female teens is that there is so much change going on in their bodies.

Every female wants to feel clean when having their periods and are desperate to feel fresh between tampon or pad changes.

Obviously, it is not always easy to have a shower during the day, which is one of the main reasons the bidet sprayer was invented. With this clever device, they can clean front and back while sat on the toilet and practically still fully clothed.

It is completely natural to want to feel “shower fresh” clean throughout the day.

Having lived in Thailand for a lot of my life where the bidet sprayer is present in almost every bathroom, I still find it very strange that the western countries have still not caught up with this invention yet.

Most people only use a thickness of a few sheets to wipe themselves after the toilet.

But research tells us that the germs in faeces come through as many as 10 sheets of toilet paper, so correct hand hygiene has never been more important.


“Did you know there is at least 0.1 gram of faecal matter

in the average pair of underwear of a toilet paper user?”


If you think 0.1 grams doesn’t seem like much, do you realise that equates to 100 million E. coli bacteria floating around in their washing machine? If five underpants are in the wash, then make that 500 million E. coli bacteria floating around among the blouses, and handkerchiefs.

Perhaps many female teens are aware of this fact, hence why you use more toilet paper than males. Plus females care more about preventing skid marks in their underpants than males according to my research.

End Embarrassing Skid-Marks in 2020

At the end of the day, your family members rely on YOU to make the RIGHT decisions about their health and well-being.

I know you’re probably thinking toilet paper isn’t all that bad.

You’ve used toilet paper all your life…

BUT, they are not 21st-century reasons for continuing to use toilet paper.

Your loved ones deserve the best!

Your family’s No.1 desire is to feel “Shower Fresh Clean”, with no broken skin and pain…

And that’s where The Bum Gun performs majestically!!

“Invest in The Bum Gun Today & Enjoy Invigorating Cleansing Forever

I want to do my bit to improve your family’s quality of life in 2020…

Which is why I am offering you a special discount for anyone who test drives The Titan Bum Gun today.

Click this link to order: https://thebumgun.com/discount

Do your bit to ensure that 2020 is better for all your family members.

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions. 

Looking forward to taking care of your bidet sprayer needs…

Greg Noland

CEO & Founder

The Bum Gun Ltd

My Family Loves The Bum Gun

Thank you. I love my bum gun and I don’t know how our family coped with disgusting toilet tissue for so long!!  It was so much easier parenting with my young daughter thanks to this bidet sprayer. All parents have got to install the bum gun in their bathrooms, which is so easy. The thing I loved was that the installation was so quick and easy. Perhaps you should think of starting an Affiliate Program, because this is the kind of product which will just blow up once people realise how awesome it is. Anyone interested in making some spare cash would benefit and so would your company. Just an idea.

Benni, Toronto, Canada

Not only a Bidet Sprayer but much more

We have in our establishment 5 Bum Guns and we and our customers love them. We have 3 in the guest toilets and they are used daily by dozens of customers, one in the kitchen and one in the bar. They save our time, and very useful with many jobs. Money well spent as they make our job easier and our customers’ bums cleaner. Thanks to the bum gun.

Paolo, Mamma Mia Italian Restaurant

Our Family Can’t Live Without The Bum Gun!

The Bum Gun is fantastic for helping me to feel really clean after…well, after doing the big job :). Paper alone just doesn’t cut it anymore now that I’ve tried the Bum Gun. That perfect spray of water right where it’s needed does the best clean-up job, and it is so refreshing. A handy bidet on a hose—what a great invention!

For sure, it’s a great value and must-have for every bathroom in my home. My two young sons started using the bum gun at a very early age, saving valuable hassle and dollars. Our family all love the bum gun! We hate it whenever we travel but don’t have bidet sprayers installed, even plan our holidays around hotels which are up to date with bathroom hygiene.

Rhys - Melbourne, Australia

Never thought I’d love a bum gun…!

Can’t imagine I’m writing a review of this item, but I think it’s a very undervalued item everyone should be aware off! Lived in China the last 6 years where they still use good ol’ fashion toilet paper and when I moved to Thailand it was where i first saw those Bum guns. As we say in Holland, “what the farmer doesn’t know, he doesn’t eat”, so haven’t used them in the first few months until my toilet got stuck LOL.

The toilets here are not made to flush paper, did I know…. So I finally overcame my fear and started using the bum gun, ordered mine online saving me the embarrassment to buy one in the shop in the process ;). I have to say, it was a revelation! The use of paper can be down to one little piece It feels so more cleaner then the paper, where always your fingers stick through in the end… yak… and saving a ton of paper in the process! The environment will be grateful:). Now I installed a bidet sprayer gun in every bathroom of my house and office. Trying to convince my family in Europe to start using them too! It kinda weird how you can be enthusiastic about this little piece of technology, but after you’ve used them once, its goodbye to the paper toilet roll!  Greetz and happy sprayin!!

Arno - Bumgun user for life! - Holland

Females: The bum gun is way softer on your private bits

The bum gun bidet sprayer is the way to go in my opinion. The bum gun is way softer on your private bits than scraping with toilet paper, and much cheaper in the long term. I got mine from https://www.thebumgun.com/store/ and love it! Especially useful for females who need extra special hygiene help at certain times of the month. Great service from this company and especially impressed by their unbelievable attention to detail and follow up. I can see this company is ultra serious about looking after their customers.

Jennie, New Southgate, N14

The Bum Gun Australia

I found the service to be amazing and the UK supplier was very helpful and obliging. The product appears to be very good quality and should suit our purpose admirably. We are overseeing the building of a new home for a friend and have recommended they use the product also and would certainly recommend anybody wishing to include these in their home or office contact this supplier who is very well versed in the application and use of this product.

Brian Barker, Cooroy QLD


If anyone has a family, business or any commercial premises, they’d be wise to get this device of the century installed. Honestly, this is probably the best product I’ve purchased for a long time. It truly is a life changer. Hygiene is important for my family and my employees, and should be for you too. The Bum Gun paid for itself in about 2 months. So you’d be crazy not to get one installed in every bathroom. Thanks Bum Gun you really have an amazing product.

Hurz, Germany

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