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Look, this is super simple…

Christmas is the time for giving…

No messing about here.

“It’s Time For A Better Life – A Cleaner Life”

But before I tell you what that is…

Remember your decision could affect the life of someone close to you for as long as they live…

So please don’t mess this up and regret it years later…

Look, you want the VERY best for your family, friends and colleagues, right?

Of course, you do…

And if you’re like most people, you’ve had to put up with nasty toilet paper for years…

Heck, I was the same…

I didn’t like it…

In fact, I hated growing up with toilet paper.

But I put up with it…I had no choice back then.

Probably like your family are still doing every day.

But you know, they shouldn’t have to. Not, now technology has advanced far beyond the 1970s when I was tearing my young skin.

To be honest, using toilet paper hurt like hell, and still does when I’m forced to use it…

The massive toilet paper corporations do an amazing job convincing you it is ‘super puppy soft’, it’s ‘kinder to the environment’, and it’s ‘ever so long’. Blar, Blar, Blar…




It’s NOT soft!!

It’ll NEVER be kind to the environment!!

And it’s NOT getting any cheaper!!

Imagine Being ‘Shower Fresh’ Clean After Every Poop


You know you work far too hard to still be putting up with toilet paper in 2020.

You know you deserve to be properly clean, after every time you go to the toilet.

Well, now you can.

Personal hygiene technology has come a long way from the 1860s when toilet paper was invented.

Now, you can have a mini-shower hose next to your toilet.

While still seated, grab The Bum Gun. Aim. Squeeze the trigger.

And an invigorating jet-stream of freshwater will clean you perfectly. Just like you stepped out of the shower.

A few dabs, and you’re dry. 

‘Properly, Shower Fresh Clean’…

Decision Time


Either you want to continue smearing around with toilet paper or you want to get ‘Properly, Shower Fresh Clean’ after every toilet visit.

So, decision time.

Here is my Bum Gun offer for Christmas and New Year 2020.

It’s super simple for you to decide.

Presenting my Best-Selling Titan Bidet Sprayer and 3-way safety valve…


Test Drive The Bum Gun for 60 Days and I Promise You’ll Love It.

If not, simply return it.

But No One Ever Goes Back To Toilet Paper…

Click To Grab The Bum Gun Christmas Irresistible Offer

I sincerely hope you’ll give me the chance to supply you with the very best Bum Gun Bidet Sprayers I believe the market has right now.

    • Stainless steel 304 body and hose for long life, and prevent splitting and cracking, common with cheap copy bidet sprayers you might find on Amazon and eBay.
    • Long 5 Year Warranty so you can be sure you’ve got a top-quality product.
    • Lowest Prices you’ve ever seen by The Bum Gun Ltd.
    • 60 Day Trial Period on every Titan bidet sprayer – your satisfaction guaranteed.
    • Stock available in UK, USA, and Australia for immediate delivery

Now, don’t delay that clock up there is ticking and your nearest and dearests’ well being is at stake…

Once that clock stops, this Special Offer will be gone forever!!

So, go ahead, make your order now, and look forward to the Cleanest Year you’ve ever had!!


You will receive:

  • Our best selling Titan bidet sprayer
  • A 1.2m hose
  • Wall bracket with fixtures
  • A 3-way safety valve so you can easily turn off the water pressure when not in use. This also protects the life of your bidet sprayer.

This is the Craziest Low price you’ll ever see, delivery included.

RRP£97 >> £70 – A Whopping 28% Discount

Note: We have stock in the UK, USA & Australia, but I’m sorry we can’t guarantee delivery before the 25th December, although we will, of course, try our best.

Take advantage of my Irresistible Offer on the Titan Bum Gun and truly make a difference in the lives of your loved ones, forever!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Greg Noland

CEO & Founder

The Bum Gun Ltd


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