Would you like a Bum Gun For Free? (Part 2)

Jul 27, 2016 | Family Health, Special Offer

Thanks for checking back…

Here’s a thought for you today, just so I don’t forget:

“Remember ‘tomorrow never comes”, just ask Rocky!!”….

Do you believe that?

I certainly do, and remind my students of it all the time.


Anyway, I’ll explain what I mean by that in a moment, but first…

As I mentioned yesterday, I have something for free for you today.

Now I have to admit, in between writing that post yesterday and this one, I had 2 ‘disgruntled’ subscribers…

Perhaps that’s not the right word, but here you go…


The first one thought I was giving away free Bum Guns…

What, just like that, I said.

“Yes”, why not she replied.

I’m trying to help improve the quality of people’s lives here..

Not go bankrupt!

Sorry, I’m not loaded with cash…impossible…


The 2nd mentioned something about a sweepstake…

Now, I’m not sure what she really means by that as she left no details…

Unless she means a competition?


So I thought, yea…we haven’t had a competition for a while…

Done, we’re gonna have one..

I don’t know the details yet, so please be patient..

It’ll take me a few days to think of something special…something different to what we’ve done before…

But yes, they’ll be a Bum Gun competition very soon.

Please don’t miss your chance to win your very own Bum Gun..

Make sure you check back into this blog over the next week or so…

You won’t wanna miss this!


But first, this free offer..

When was the last time you won something?

Or received something for free which really changed your life?

Now, I don’t even know if you are an avid reader, or if you haven’t read a book since high school…

But either way, I’ve got your back covered…

I wrote this book knowing most people want something right on the money.

No fluff, and frills, just pure guts.


I’ll admit the book didn’t start out like that…

Maybe not fluff and frills…

But definitely too much information.

I spent months rewriting, editing, and rewriting again and again…


I just couldn’t write that succinct book which I knew everyone would enjoy…

There was so much to show you, so many benefits you needed to know…


But then it hit me one day, right between the eyes…


Up to that point I made it a must to scope the internet for forums about The Bum Gun

And before you start, yes there are a ton of forums which talk about The Bum Gun!

Tons of em!

Does that shock you?


They might not be specifically named ‘The Bum Gun Forum’

But this device is mentioned over and over again, all over the internet…


And what’s equally shocking to me is how many people are so totally misinformed…

For a start, about The Bum Gun itself, but also mentally challenged about the purpose of water..

I’m not pulling your leg here or making this up…honest…

I actually read one post recently from an American lady that went something like this:

“OMG Yuk!! We Americans are far too clean to ever use ‘water’ to wash ourselves after the toilet. How disgusting! You’ll never take our toilet paper away!!”


I mean. Come on. How utterly nuts is that statement?


But it’s just as amazing to me that some people don’t want to even test drive ‘The Bum Gun’ bidet sprayer…

If that includes you then I’ll explain why there’s nothing to feel any anxiety about…

Look I get it…

I was once a toilet paper user, just like you.

But thankfully I discovered the awesome benefits and not for want of a better phrase…”It changed my life”.

I don’t want to get into the gory details here about ‘my horrors with toilet paper’

Because I’m sure if you stopped for a second, you could easily reel off a long line of your own traumas with the nasty toilet paper roll…


So what IS holding you back from giving The Bum Gun a trial run?

Do you know I offer a 60 day grace period with every Bum Gun order?

So if for any reason you seriously think toilet paper gets you cleaner after 60 days, then simply return your purchase.

So is there something else I’m not aware of stopping you trying The Bum Gun?

I’ve spoken about this before on my blog many times “why”, I believe, people don’t take action.

To me, it all comes down to CLARITY.

I struggled too with procrastination, limiting beliefs and always saying …

“I’ll get to it tomorrow”.

And then — tomorrow NEVER comes.

Or do you have a lot of things going on in your head confusing you about the pros and cons of ‘the mini-bathroom hose’?

If that describes you, I want to give you a little something.

It will help you smash through those thoughts by giving you the missing ingredient.


It’s a copy of my book called:

“31 Shocking Health Misconceptions About The Bum Gun”.

It’s yours – totally gratis.

You don’t even need to mess around with Amazon if you don’t want to..

Just click here on ANY device and start reading.

But if you’d prefer an Amazon kindle version then:

Please click HERE

Feel free to share it along, too …

… tell your friends
… forward the email to loved ones and colleagues..
… download the PDF
… print it off and pass around


All I ask, is that the content remains “intact” and as is.

I’ve gotten some great feedback on this book, and although a lot of my subscribers already have a copy …

… I wanted to make sure you have a copy.

Just a little gift from me to you.

Be sure to watch my blog in the next week or so too, as I have another little something coming your way.



Ok, I’m off to help my neighbor paint his fence.

He’s been wanting to get it done for ages, and he aint the fittest of bunnies, so he could do with a hand.


greg-noland-australia-ceoAlways Dedicated to Your Awesome Life,

Greg Noland

Author, CEO & Founder

The Bum Gun Ltd



P.S. Remember to grab your copy here:


Do it NOW, remember ‘tomorrow never comes’, just ask Rocky!!

Greg Noland

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