Attention Ladies: Do you want to discover an exciting new way to make even your yuckiest day of menstruation better?


“Why Three Hollywood Superstars Have Got Hygiene All Wrong…

And How You Can Finally Get ‘Shower Fresh’ Clean

After Every Toilet Visit and Tampon Change”

Hey Girlfriend

If you’ve ever wanted to feel super-fresh, clean and invigorated after every poop, you’re gonna love what I have to share with you.

Over the next few minutes…I’ll let you in on a little secret.

You’ll finally be able to get ‘Shower Fresh’ clean after every toilet visit and tampon change…while almost fully dressed.

I know it sounds far-fetched, but let me explain…

Personal hygiene has been making waves all over the news lately.

Hollywood superstars like Will Smith and say “wet wipes are a must for everyone”.

And actor Terrence Howard says “women who don’t use wet wipes are unclean”.

But I’m sorry, these three have got it all WRONG!

What I have to share with you will make you far cleaner and more invigorated than wet-wipes. 

In fact, I believe wet wipes are a dangerous public menace. I’ll explain why in a minute…

But first…

If you’re anything like me. You love feeling clean and refreshed.

You also love feeling your best when you leave your house. Be it to meet the girls for a drink. Going shopping. Or simply going to work.

But there’s often a huge issue…

And it usually happens at the worst time.

Picture this…

You’ve just had your morning shower…

You feel fresh and invigorated…

Your body is super clean…

You get dressed for work. Put on your freshly ironed clothes. You slip on your shoes…

You’re just about to grab your jacket…

But then…

…your stomach starts turning…

Damn, looks like a no.2 is on the way!

But you’ve only just showered. Got clean and dressed.

You don’t want to have to shower again after your poop.

But there’s no way you’re going to work after only using toilet paper.

There’s no way you’re going to work without feeling properly clean.

Dang. You’re going to be late for work.

But are you?

Not now you have your new bidet sprayer installed.

You sit on the throne…

Do your business. Then reach for your trusty bidet sprayer…

You squeeze the trigger for a few seconds. The invigorating jet of water cleans you effortlessly.

Just like your morning shower!


‘Shower fresh clean’ again, while almost fully clothed!


A few dabs with your little towel you hang next to your toilet to dry and you’re good as gold.

Thankfully, you’re not going to be late…


Dear Frustrated Toilet Paper User,

My name is Cristina and I’m a Toilet Paper Survivor…

I’m just a regular girl who was lucky enough to grow up in Asia. 

Why lucky?

I’ll explain why in a moment.

But first a little back story…

It was November 2010.

I had just landed in England, with my new English boyfriend.

This was my first trip to the UK.

And we were staying at his mother’s house in Yorkshire.

I was soon to realise English girls were without one of the most important devices every young lady needs…

After an hour or so of arriving, I needed the toilet. 

Do you know that feeling when your body knows you are travelling, so kinda bungs itself up?

It happens to me almost every time I travel.

I’m glad of this feeling. Because I can’t stand the mess in most airplane toilets a few hours into a long-haul flight.

Anyhow, back to my mother-in-law’s house…

Her toilet and bathroom were split into two…

One tiny room for the toilet. A slightly bigger one for the sink, shower/bath.

It was a bitterly cold, November day as I experienced my first shock…

I pulled down my jeans and panties and sat on the toilet seat. 


The seat was freezinggg!

But I was soon in for a much greater shock…

After I finished my business, I reached for the Bum Gun bidet sprayer. 

It wasn’t where I was used to seeing it. On the wall. To the right. 

Perhaps everyone is left-handed. I remember thinking. 

I looked to the left. 

It wasn’t there. 

I turned round to check if it was positioned on the back wall. 


Crikey I thought. How am I supposed to clean? 

I reluctantly used the toilet paper provided. 

Then scurried to the bathroom with my panties and jeans around my knees.

I had to get properly clean!

Look, I know what I did next was stupid. But this is what happened.

I had the crazy thought to climb up onto the sink and shoot water up my booty from the tap.

I put one foot on the bath. And grabbed one of the taps with my hand to pull myself up.

But as soon as I did…

I slipped. Fell in the bath. And the sink came crashing down around me…

Water spewing from a broken pipe.


What had I done?

I must have screamed…

Because my boyfriend came rushing into the bathroom to see what had happened…

…I thought I was in big trouble.

But he took one look at my sorry state…

…a huge embarrassed look on my face…

…crumbled in the bath with my knickers around my ankles…

He just burst into complete hysterics.

Thankfully, that diffused the whole situation.

I know I should have just had a shower. And it was stupid to climb onto the sink…

But a girl’s gotta get clean.

Yes, that was a painful and embarrassing experience.

However, it led to finding my purpose in life…

Helping more people discover the luxury of bidet sprayer technology.

So I’m kinda thankful for the whole event.

Over, the course of that trip to the UK, I experienced many British bathrooms from London to Edinburgh. Not one of them were up to the standard I was used to in Asia.

Most were freezing cold. And none had bidet sprayers installed.

This truly is one of the most important devices every young lady needs to keep ‘shower fresh’ clean all day long…

I soon discovered I’m not the only one who’s had this idea…

I told this story to a good friend in Australia who told me they have experienced this issue a lot lately in Australian universities.

The Asian students arriving in Australia to study are soon in for a shock too.

They realize the Australian bathrooms don’t have The Bum Gun installed.

Therefore, many are forced to find their own way to get that ‘shower fresh clean’ they are used to.

So many are climbing onto the sinks to clean properly.

But this isn’t an easy process. As I found out to my peril.

And the students have unfortunately been flooding the bathrooms.

Makes me feel a bit better. I’m not the only one! 😉 

What’s the solution?

No, it’s not wet wipes.

The most effective way to clean is by using WATER to clean!

Yep. Not really rocket science is it?

Hey, you use water to wash your hair.

You use water to wash your body.

You use water to clean your teeth.

Why not use water to clean your most intimate areas?

I’m guessing you’re tried wet wipes before.

I agree they are better in some ways than toilet paper.

But wet wipes can irritate your skin if you’re not careful.

And disposing of them properly is a nightmare.

There is a better way.

Transform your old, tired ways of using the bathroom….

You can ditch toilet paper. The ancient invention designed by crusty old white men in the 1800’s…

They never had a thought for you or me. Or any modern girl on the go.

Back then they wanted us “seen and not heard”.

Embrace an exciting new way to get the ultimate in 21st century cleanliness…

Once reserved for royalty, the elite & the mega-rich stars…

An instant makeover to your bathroom routine with the effortless squeeze of the trigger.


How to Maintain Perfect Hygiene

During Your Menstrual Cycle

You know maintaining good genital hygiene is necessary whatever the time of the month.

But why is menstrual hygiene so important?

Good menstrual hygiene helps to protect you from bacterial infections. Skin irritations and other health issues.

Good menstrual hygiene also helps maintain your confidence. Improve your self-esteem. And ensure you feel comfortable with your body when you’re menstruating.

Keep your labial area spotless

with invigorating jet-stream of The Bum Gun

You may not know this. But you are slightly more prone to bacterial infection when you’re on your period. Due to changing PH levels.

Fun, huh?

That’s why doctors recommend washing your genitals 2-3 times a day. Even when you’re not on your period.

That’s no way enough in my book.

But you and I are far too busy to be stripping off and jumping in the shower every time we feel yucky.

And that’s where The Bum Gun performs majestically.

Simply drop your skirt or slacks. Then your panties…

Sit down on the loo…

If you’re changing a pad. Discard in the bin as usual.

Grab the sprayer with one hand. Aiming from the front and downwards into the bowl…

Squeeze the trigger.

After a few seconds I like to have a quick rub around with my left hand…

Done. Spotless. Just as clean down there as having a full shower.


Do you change your

tampax or pads regularly?


You should know to change your pad every 2-4 hours, depending on your flow.

But changing your pad without cleaning properly, doesn’t make sense.

If you wear pads, you’ll be more prone to menstrual blood drying around your vulva.

But thanks to The Bum Gun you’ll never have felt fresher on your periods.

Bacteria can grow on the blood in your pubic hair. This can create a bad odour and leave you more prone to infection.

That will never happen once you’re using The Bum Gun every day.

Should you use soap?

You must avoid using heavily perfumed soaps.

They are guaranteed to be filled with chemicals that can disrupt the natural flora of your vagina.

If you want to use soap, make sure it’s unscented. Mild. Colourless.

Fragranced soap can irritate the sensitive skin in and around your vulva.

Your vagina is self-cleaning on the inside. So don’t wash the inside.

Just gently cleanse your vulva with the invigorating jet-stream of The Bum Gun and the surrounding area.


No need for sewer clogging wet-wipes

As I said at the beginning. Wet wipes are a public menace.

Never believe the fat-cat corporations who say their wet-wipes are flushable.

Water companies in most major cities around the world are paying millions every month to clear fatbergs from our sewers.

If you don’t know what a fatbergs is…

They are congealed masses in our sewer systems which form when mindless people flush non-biodegradable matter, such as wet wipes, panty-liners and cooking fat.

Fatbergs are monumentally disgusting…

According to The Guardian, a fatberg smells like “a heady combination of rotting meat mixed with the odour of a dirty toilet.”


Consumer Reports checked out four brands with so-called “flushable wipes”. 

They all say they’re flushable and make claims like “sewer and septic safe” and “breaks up after flushing.”

But in tests, they don’t break down at all.

Look, if you have to use wet-wipes, please discard them in a bin.

However, thanks to The Bum Gun you will be super-fresh every month. Without the need to waste your money on wet-wipes.

Maintaining good intimate hygiene whilst on your period is important, and The Bum Gun has you covered.



This little sprayin’ thingy has changed my life

Girls. Listen.

This little sprayin’ thingy has changed my life.

And it will change yours too.

You will no longer be wandering if you’re giving off some strange odour.

No longer will you be trying to find a quiet place to have a big ol’ itch down there.

No longer will you be worried about the crime scene in your panties.

You’ll feel like the woman in the Cadburys chocolate adverts, but better. “Only the crumbliest flakiest milk chocolate…”. You remember the one. Oh so sexy.  


So, my advice is to try The Bum Gun bidet sprayer.

It’s super easy to use. Well made in slick looking stainless steel. So it will never crack and leak like those crappy plastic sprayers.

That’s why I’m confident to give you a rock-solid 5 year warranty.

You’ll also get a full 60-days to test The Bum Gun.

If you honestly think you feel cleaner with only using toilet paper. Then simply get in touch, let me know. And I’ll refund your investment.

But, I know you’ll never hand your Bum Gun back, once you realize how awesome it is.

How invigorated you’ll feel.

Not just during your periods, but after every poop too.

For real. You need this girlfriend.


So what’s this going to cost me?

As a smart shopper, you can save a LOT of money by using a simple jet stream of water to clean the most sacred inches of your body.

Millions of Japanese, Koreans and Thais have been using bidet sprayers for decades.

Any time they need a poop, they always have their trusty little, mini-shower hose discreetly installed beside their toilet. Ready for effective cleansing.

They have full control over doing their business!

And now you can do the SAME… for the FRACTION of the price of toilet paper!

Our best-selling Titan sprayer can save you a whopping £2,568.44 on your shopping bill over the next 5 years.

What would you do with that “extra” money in your own pocket instead of the greedy ‘fatcats’?

Help your child through college?

Pamper yourself at a health and wellness retreat?

How about a holiday to the Liguria region on the Italian Riviera?

This crescent-shaped strip of Mediterranean coastline exudes tranquillity. The rugged cliffs. The turquoise coves and pastel seaside towns can be yours if you give up toilet paper today.

Our Stainless Steel Bidet Sprayers

Are Not Only For The Exclusive Elite…

For The Price Of a Meal Out, One Can Be Yours!


Yes, we have just supplied an Arabian Royal family with our bidet sprayers for one of their yachts recently. (that’s 100% true).

But while these palatial million dollar ocean craft might be beyond your budget…

The Titan bidet sprayer most definitely is not.

How much did you pay for your last quality meal out on the town?




Heck, a few rounds of drinks can set you back a fair whack these days.

I know when I go out for a proper night these days, I rarely get much change out of £100.00.

Just last weekend I was paying £8.60 for a single glass of Prosecco!

The regular price for Titan bidet sprayer is ONLY £60.00.

Meaning your return on investment (ROI) will only take you a matter of days!!

Return on Investment (ROI)

Within 42 Days…


So how much is this puppy gonna cost me?

I’m glad you asked.

I’ll explain the cost of The Bum Gun bidet sprayer in the chart below.

First, as you know the toilet paper multi-packs hog most of your shopping trolley in the supermarket.

That’s another benefit you want have to struggle with once you have The Bum Gun.

A small double pack should last a month or more when used for drying. But many of my clients tell me they use a small towel to dry. 


In the chart below I compare a regular 9-roll multi-pack of toilet paper with our best-selling bidet sprayer.

I understand that your house might use less or more than the figures stated. And also that you might use a different brand. At a different price point. So please just use the figures given as a guideline.

I have not included the price of water as this is minimal.

In the UK a typical brand’s 9-pack sells for about £5.75 and has 160 sheets per roll…

I used the Waitrose Andrex Skin Kind. This pack should last a family of four about 4 or 5 days.

Sample pricing and data – Updated 15th Sept 2019.

††Based on a UK household size of 4 people, and a daily average use of 90 sheets per person.

Not Included:

  • Price increases of toilet paper over 5 years
  • Fuel costs to buy toilet paper every
  • Installation costs for The Bum Gun


From the table, you can see how the Titan at £60 would pay for itself in only 42 days.

Note: Depending on your household habits, your payback period could even be less. Such as having more children. Other people living in the house. Guests, or female teens who use the most toilet paper out of all participants in my research.


Does £60 sound like an expensive item

if it radically improves the quality of your life?

Have you heard about the Dyson hair dryer for £299.95? What does it do?

Yep, it dries your hair.

Doesn’t the £29.95 hair dryer you already have dry your hair also? That’s right.

But Mr. Dyson seems to have convinced hundreds of thousands of people to part with their hard-earned

£299.95 to buy one.

Even though it only dries hair!!

Also, I just took these regular household products from the Debenhams website. There is nothing life-changing about any of these products. But most households have something similar.

Probably yours too. 

  • Panasonic – Black microwave with oven and grill: £360
  • Kitchen Aid ‘Candy Apple’ food mixer: £429
  • Miele Allervac 5000 Vacuum Cleaner: £279
  • Krups Pixie Red Coffee Machine: £190
  • Sage Juicer: £150

All handy items I guess. But I’d NEVER replace my Bum Gun with any of these appliances.

The reason I have shown this analysis is to help you understand that The Bum Gun is not expensive. And in fact will save you a very tidy amount over 5 years. And with an ROI of only 42 days there is nothing to hold your family back.

And this is in addition to all the extraordinary hygiene benefits you get.

Plus, the environmental benefits.


Imagine What It Will Feel Like

To Never Have To Worry About

Toilet Paper Pain…and Discomfort Ever Again…

Or Have To Buy Yet Another Huge Pack…


Don’t waste your hard earned money on flimsy plastic sprayers from Amazon or eBay. They often crack and split within weeks of purchase. Then leak all over your floor.

Just look at some comments of the best-selling sprayer on Amazon:


“Leaked after one month”

 “Leak at nozzle trigger”

 “The sprayer has cheap plastic components”


 Enjoy the benefits of investing in

the ‘Real Deal’ Stainless Steel Bidet Sprayers

from The Bum Gun

With Our Iron Clad 5-Year Warranty!


5 Year Warranty

Enjoy our generous 5-year warranty so you get years of trouble-free use.

60 Day Trial

If you really believe toilet paper gets you cleaner after 60 days testing The Bum Gun. Return your bum gun with his tail between his legs. And get your money back.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy peace of mind. During your 60-day testing phase. And for years after. Knowing you have an original 304 stainless steel sprayer.

Save Your Hard-Earned Money

Don’t waste your money on toilet paper anymore, or save at least 80% (when using for drying).

Save Your Tender Bits

You’ll find the tenderness of the invigorating water jet one of the biggest advantages over rough old toilet paper.

Save Your Precious Time

A few seconds of spraying & you’re done. And no more time wasted shopping for toilet paper every week.



What Is The Price If You Do Nothing Today?

Most people realize there is a cost associated with buying a product…

But they rarely realize or understand the cost of doing nothing.

I need to make you aware of this

Look, I understand if you’re sitting on the fence

It’s natural to have some fear about investing in The Bum Gun.

After all, you’ve been using toilet paper pretty much since the day you were born, right?

But let’s take a second to think about what might happen if you don’t buy…

Imagine you wake up 6 months from now and your life is exactly the same…

Would you be ok with that?

You are still suffering from toilet paper pain and discomfort…

You are still going through your day, knowing you are NOT clean in your most sacred area.

You are still suffering from nasty skid-marks in your panties.

You are still shocked at the blood on your toilet paper.

You are still tired of wasting your hard earned money on toilet paper every week.

Your family is still tired of having to put up with toilet paper.

Your family is still waiting for you to take action and invest in their quality of life.

Look I’m not trying to be mean here.

I’m trying to show a very important point to you.

A point so important, it has the power to change your life, forever.

And not just your life, but every single person who lives in your house. Your partner. All your kids.

I’m trying to help you get off that fence as a thinker, as an action taker.

It is my duty to help you understand the importance of improving your personal hygiene and quality of life.

I would be doing a disservice to you. And I would not doing my job properly if I didn’t drive home the importance of you taking action today.

This is your life we’re talking about here.

When I smashed my mother-in-law’s sink, I made a promise that I would help people discover bidet sprayer technology.

And right here, this is where I am paying back…

By doing my best to help you make the right decision.

Now, it’s time to test this clever little invention for yourself.


Order today, and enjoy my generous offer making this an absolute no-brainer. And zero risk for you.

Go on. Click that buy button below and fill out the simple order form with your details.

And that’s all there is to it.

We’ll rush your order to you immediately.


You know you love to feel clean,

Click that link now…

Cristina x


The Bum Gun Is Truly A Girl’s Best Friend

Finally, something that works! Love my new Titan. Worked for me straight away. I am very cautious about putting anything near my Nana’s area. But after thinking about it for a minute. It’s only a jet of water.

I’ve been fighting period discomfort since I was 13. I’ve felt dreadful every month for 26 years!! I don’t know why I was so apprehensive about testing The Bum Gun.

I’m kicking myself now I waited so long. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

I would definitely recommend The Bum Gun to any woman with a sensitive Nana like me.

Jenny - Queensland, Australia

“I’m so glad that I never listened to friends”

I have to admit that I was nervous about purchasing a bum gun. When I mentioned buying one, my friends laughed at me. But I decided to go for it, and I’m so glad that I did! I love the variable water pressure when squeezing the trigger, and how strong the water is when the trigger is pressed completely. The hose length is long enough for my needs. Overall, I’m extremely happy with my new Bum Gun! This makes cloth diapering so much easier!

Clare - Hampshire, UK

“The Titan Works A Treat”

This Titan sprayer is exactly what I wanted. My boyfriend bought it for my birthday, and while I love perfume and chocolates, this sprayer is easily the best thing I’ve ever received. I’m not joking when I say it’s life-changing. I’ve always hated menstruation and often had to jump in the shower after a pad change. Now that’s not necessary, thanks to my new bum Gun. I’ve never felt cleaner during my periods. Every girl needs one of these. It was definitely designed with girls in mind. The cold water is also a non-issue for me. In fact, I find it quite invigorating.

Sofie - Canada


Why is it so important that I clean myself so much down there? I‘ve got by for years with toilet paper.

Ok, if this is your train of thought on the matter, then perhaps I will never win you over. But what about your family members? The Bum Gun will improve your family‘s quality of life even if you‘re not interested. Just because you wish to struggle on with toilet paper, does that mean your family members have to do without also?

Also, we use water to wash every other part of our bodies so why would we restrict ourselves a little water to clean our most private parts? A no brainer when you think about it.

Toilet sprayers might be ok in a hot country. But I don‘t want to walk around with a wet bum all day.

This is always a strange misconception to me. After cleaning yourself with The Bum Gun, yes your private parts will be wet. But what do you do after a shower? After you‘ve washed your face? You use a towel, right? Same deal with The Bum Gun. What most people do is to keep a flannel sized towel hanging next to their toilet to dry off with. Obviously for public bathrooms, you simply use a few sheets of toilet paper to dry off with.

Do you truly believe the Bum Gun option is cleaner and healthier?

The Bum Gun really is the hottest modern development in personal hygiene for years.

Do you really need The Bum Gun?  Dr. Oz said on the Oprah show, “If you had pee or poop on your hand, you wouldn't wipe it off with toilet paper, would you? You'd wash it off, right?" The Bum Gun gives you the technology to do that in the most efficient and comfortable way possible.

Can I really save $1,000s of dollars when using The Bum Gun?

The Bum Gun will not only save you a lot of pain and discomfort. But will also save you a ton of money on toilet paper. Have you ever thought how much toilet paper you buy over a full year? That’s money you could spend on fun things. Not thrown down your toilet every single day.

I‘ve never even heard of The Bum Gun!

If you have never even heard of The Bum Gun before, it’s not your fault. The Bum Gun is a completely new product to the west. However, millions of Asians have been enjoying the benefits of this technology for years.

It’s only a matter of time until this technology is fully embraced by the west. Don’t be left behind.

Doesn’t The Bum Gun waste water?

This is one of the biggest fallacies about The Bum Gun. Yes, The Bum Gun uses water.  However, the amount of water used is minimal when compared to the millions of gallons of water used to produce toilet paper every single day.

The Bum Gun only uses about 150-250 ml of water with every use, so perhaps 1.0 to 1.5 litres per day. The average toilet, even the economical flushing toilets use about 1.6 gallons per flush.

Just one less flush per day will cover your water needs for your Bum Gun. Plus, it wouldn‘t take much effort to flush two or three times less per day.

Also, try turning off the tap when soaping up in the shower and when shaving and brushing your teeth. Most people don't realise this. You’ll save hundreds of gallons of water if you do.

I‘ve heard sprayers from China leak.

Amazon and eBay do have a lot of cheap sprayers. When buying a bidet sprayer, make sure it is made from high quality stainless steel. And also comes with a 5 year warranty.

I‘ve bought some Bum sprayers from eBay before but I wasn‘t satisfied by the spraying nozzle. Water sprayed out too far.

You don’t want a sprayer with a wide arc, like a salad sprayer. These sprayers do not have the spraying efficiency of The Bum Gun. When you’re cleaning your private parts you need a very direct, controlled spraying action. To hit the size of a large coin. This is another massive benefit of The Bum Gun because we have spent the time to design and develop our Bum Guns to spray in a very specific manner so you‘re not soaking a large area of your bottom.

I’ve heard using the Bum Gun will give me more energy. Is this true?

There isn’t much evidence anyone has ever caught a venereal disease using a toilet in a public restroom. But some diseases can be in bathrooms such as the norovirus. This particular germ (found in fecal matter) lasts longer on surfaces than others.

The Bum Gun can keep you away from toilet paper bacteria. But you still need to be careful in public bathrooms, such as taps and door handles. That’s why it’s essential to thoroughly wash your hands.  Unfortunately, studies have shown that not everyone does this.

I haven't taken a day off work in over 20 years using The Bum Gun every day.

I live in Canada where the water is freezing cold. I couldn’t spray ice cold water up my booty!

For customers who require warm water for their Bum Gun, you can simply install a warm water mixer. A warm water mixer can be used to save your crown jewels if you live in an area with particularly cold water.

My home is in rural Wales, so we are off the standard water mains. If I don‘t have enough water pressure at my house, the Bum Gun won‘t work.

You got me on this one. Yes, The Bum Gun needs water pressure to function. If you live in an area with no water mains pressure, you might have to use a bucket and scoop.  

I don‘t believe wet wipes don‘t disintegrate when we flush them down the toilet.

Try searching ―Fatbergs on YouTube. Fatbergs are an absolute menace in every major city.

If fatbergs aren’t discovered in time, raw sewage could spurt out of manholes and into people‘s homes. And guess who is paying the millions in costs to fix these problems? Yes, all of us!

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