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Why Personal Hygiene Is Important

Dec 8, 2020 | Female Hygiene, Teen Health & Well Being

“Ladies NEED Water To Clean”

Toilet Paper Was Designed for Crusty Old Men

I’m sure you love a refreshing shower after you’ve done some hard exercise.

Put it this way.

You wouldn’t go for a 5-mile run. Get super sweaty.

Then come home. Strip off. And jump into bed.

Of course, you wouldn’t.

Personal hygiene involves properly caring for your body by keeping it clean and healthy while allowing you to look and feel your best.

According to every health professional, it is also a highly effective way for you to protect yourself from illness and infection.

Long before Covid, I followed all the health advice ‘the powers that be’ are now telling us are important.


  • Washing your hands regularly, throughout the day
  • Washing hands properly after using the toilet
  • Avoid opening doors with your hands, if possible


Simple Hygiene Facts You Should Know

Good hygiene habits remove harmful substances from your skin which may encourage bacterial growth and will help to fight skin infection, prevent injuries and keep you healthy.


Why toilet paper is NOT the best option in the 21st century

Every health professional tells us to keep our body free from bacteria by washing properly. But few in the west understand the importance of cleaning properly after a poop.

Why are so many people in the west still using toilet paper as their primary weapon against harmful bacteria? It’s time someone taught these people there are far superior options to toilet paper.

And they are cheaper.

For far too long, the toilet paper industry has tricked us into believing their product is the only option.

What a load of BS!!


Why Keeping Your Hands Clean Is So Important?

Keeping your nails trimmed and clean will be both attractive and healthy since bacteria can harbour beneath your nails. Good hand washing habits is front and centre in the fight against Covid-19.

And when you employ proper hand washing habits, you can fight against contracting the flu, colds and other communicable illnesses.


Why A Regular Shower Is So Important?

Regular showering will improve blood flow and promote relaxation. It also helps to wash off bacteria, perspiration and dirt. And if you’re still using toilet paper, it will clean off the poop left behind.

Why Proper Hair Care Is So Important?

Proper hair care helps to stimulate your scalp’s circulation and disperse your scalp’s natural oils to the end of your hair shaft. You should shampoo your hair on a regular basis, which is at least once or twice a week. But I’d washed my hair every day for the last 30+ years, and my hair is in great shape.


Why Oral Health Is So Important?

According to the Mayo Clinic, gum disease can allow bacteria to enter your bloodstream, carrying it to other areas of your body where it can result in health issues such as cardiovascular disease.

Regularly brushing and flossing your teeth may prevent bacterial overgrowth which can lead to mouth sores, gum disease and bad breath.


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