What Does Super White Toilet Paper Mean?

Jun 14, 2017 | Eco Friendly, Family Health

The massive toilet paper corporations are constantly ramming their sales messages of ‘super soft, whiter than white bolony’ down our throats…

That whiter than white rubbish just means more chemicals were used to bleach their toilet paper products.

And those chemicals are harmful to our environment, to our animals’ health – and your own body too.

If you’ve got young children and females in your household that could potentially mean even more issues because of these chemicals.
If you have to buy toilet paper, at least try looking for tissue products which are not so bright.

But there are alternatives which I’ll show you in this short message.

But first…

Those whiter toilet paper products, just means they contain a higher level of virgin fibres, along with those chemicals…

Don’t choose the whitest product!!

Choose The Bum Gun for a PROPER “SHOWER FRESH CLEAN” every day!


If you have to buy toilet paper

I think you understand where I’m coming from already with benefits of The Bum Gun bidet sprayer…

But, if you have to buy toilet paper please choose FSC tissue products.

Unsustainable timber harvesting, illegal logging and land rights conflicts are massive problems in many pulp-producing regions around the world today.

Don’t be sucked in by the hype spouted by the massive toilet paper corporations.

They spend millions every year trying to convince you that their industry is squeaky clean…

Super responsible…

Do you really think they are?

No, I didn’t think so…

But what are you doing about it?

I bet you threw a bunch of your money down the toilet already today…

Hey, you’ve been doing that every day for years…

So much so, that you never even think about it. Right?

I get it. I was the same too…

In my years as a toilet paper user, I begrudgingly wasted probably thousands of dollars down the toilet too…

I didn’t know any better…

But look, the sad facts are clear…

Wood fibres for tissue come from our forests all over the world including Canada, Russia, Latin America, the USA, South Africa, Asia and Europe.

The shockingly sad news is that in several countries, unsustainable and illegal logging, social conflicts, and/or irresponsible plantation establishment and management still threaten forest biodiversity, the survival of many forest species as well as human rights.

If for whatever reason you are not ready to invest in The Bum Gun bidet sprayer then at least try your best to buy tissue products with a high recycled content.

Next, choose products carrying the FSC label.

This at least ensures the virgin fibres used to make the product came from forests managed to the highest environmental and social standards.

But most tissue products I bet you buy contain very little recycled paper.

The recycling rate in the toilet paper industry is significantly lower than in the paper sector.

The softness, strength and appearance of tissues are used as key reasons to justify the use of virgin forest wood fibres.

And once used, toilet paper products are not recoverable or recyclable.

If you choose a product with high recycled content, preferably 100%, it’s a complete myth that toilet paper corporations manage forests responsibly…

Please watch out for the misleading claims the toilet paper mafia put on their packaging!

Beware that recycling claims often only refer to the wrapping and not the tissue product.


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You will set an important signal by proactively choosing the smarter option of using your bidet sprayer every day…

You don’t actually have to buy toilet paper ever again.

Even drying, you can use a dedicated flannel or small towel to dry with.

Look, you use a towel to dry your face, dry your hands after washing.

Why not use a towel to dry your most delicate parts of your body?

You don’t need to put unnecessary pressure on the environment anymore…


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Looking forward to hearing from you,

Greg Noland

CEO & Founder

The Bum Gun Ltd


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