What do Americans think about replacing toilet paper with bidet sprayers?

Dec 1, 2014 | General Health

Some people incorrectly believe that as so few enough people clean their hands properly after using bathroom tissue, that they mysteriously believe something extraordinary will happen to their hands if they don’t use toilet paper, and instead use a bidet sprayer.

This makes me think they must be totally confused about how a bidet sprayer works.

However, one of the massive benefits of using the bum gun bidet sprayer is that it allows you to keep your hands free of any bacteria unlike toilet paper which allows bacteria to permeate through the paper on to your hands with every wipe.

Furthermore, one of the biggest fallacies many Americans have about bidet sprayers is that they actually think toilet paper is cleaner. They freely  admit to being fairly germophobic and somehow using ‘water’ to clean after the toilet horrifies them.

This is a terrible shame because if cleanliness really is so important to them, why the heck would they ever use a ‘wiping and smearing’ method, rather than a ‘washing and cleaning’ method?

In addition, I think Americans will start using bidet sprayers at home eventually, but perhaps won’t in public restrooms. I think they believe they would be splashing unclean water on their private regions.

One of the biggest misunderstandings is that water covers large parts of your body when using a bidet sprayer. When in fact on a tiny portion of your body becomes wet. At home a small towel can easily dry you, and that is ONLY dry you, because you are actually ‘shower fresh’ clean after using a bidet sprayer, exactly like a shower. You are NOT soiling the towel.

Plus, if you are in a public restroom, just use a couple of sheets of toilet paper to dry.

Mysteriously, some people believe you would be using huge wads of toilet paper to dry, instead of a couple of squares. They think this is a reason to cancel out the benefits of using a bidet sprayer, yet they forget they have just used, on average 15 to 25 sheets with their continuous wiping.

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