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Jan 24, 2019 | The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayers, The Bum Gun Company Values

“Welcome to The Bum Gun Blog, Hope You Love It!”

1. Who is The Bum Gun Ltd?

We are suppliers of what we think is one of the greatest inventions in our lifetime…

The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayer”

We all love the modern gadgets that are all around us. Most of us feel we could never live without our mobile phone.

But have you ever thought about improving your experiences at bedtime? 

You love to sleep right?

I bet you’d love more sleep each night.

Do you love your current bed?

Is it a dream to lie back knowing you’re going to get an enormously refreshing sleep?

Honestly, if you are spending a third of your life in bed, you need the best mattress and bed you can afford.

Now, let’s look at going to the toilet:

You head to the toilet multiple times per day. Sometimes just for a pee, but a minimum once for a no.2, often more.

And I don’t need to go into detail, to tell you the experience should be painless…

Certainly, no discomfort…

But the whole toilet experience IS painful in millions of bathrooms, up and down the United Kingdom…and I bet across America, Australia, Canada, and many other western countries.

Hence, this business grew out of hating the pain and discomfort of having to use toilet paper.

From an early age of having savlon rubbed on the tender bits to soothe the pain, to the wild drinking sessions and hot curry nights of teens and youth, toilet paper was always a far from happy experience.

Then one day I came across a hand held bidet sprayer during a holiday in Asia, and was struck by its simplicity and fantastic function. My days of pain were solved!!

I never knew its proper name, ‘squirty gun’ didn’t sound right, but The Bum Gun just felt like its natural name.

2. The Bum Gun Mission

The Bum Gun has upgraded my life immensely, and it is a mission for our company to give you and as many people as possible that same upgrade in life quality.

Comfort and Hygiene’ are major factors when going to the loo.

You never want to experience pain.

And you deserve to leave ‘Shower Fresh Clean’ after every toilet visit, and go on about your day…

The Bum Gun Blog and Website will try our very best to provide relevant information regarding Bum Gun technology.

But also health, hygiene, fitness, diet, nutrition, general well being & tons more!!.

Please check back to The Bum Gun Blog often and feel free to send me any feedback to info@thebumgun.com

Greg Noland

CEO & Founder

The Bum Gun – “You Deserve Shower Fresh Clean”

Greg Noland

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