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Feb 9, 2016 | General Health

Ireally feel this blog post is going to help a ton of people.  As anyone knows who has followed The Bum Gun blog over the last 5 years will know, I’m fully committed to helping improve the health and well-being of my subscribers. So are you ready? Let’s dive in…

When I was out with my wife at the weekend we met a new group of people who were sitting at a table next to us.

They were intrigued when I told them I was “Mr Bum Gun” and that they might have at least heard of my product. Sadly, only one of them had, so perhaps I have a lot more work to do, letting the world know the benefits of ‘The King of Bathroom Hygiene’…

Anyhow, back to this group of new friends…

There were 5 people in this group and the thing that really interested me was that they were all in the process of giving up smoking.

It was super interesting listening to what they were going through, so this is the reason I decided to write this post for my blog.

I know if you trying to give up smoking, or already into the process this post can help as it’s basically a summary of everything we discussed…

I’m sure you’ve heard that quitting smoking can be extremely helpful whatever your age.   To give you an example, when quitting before you are 40, more than 90 percent of the damage of excessive smoking might be avoided.

I have even read that the benefits to your health can be even bigger when you give up prior to your 30th birthday.   In many cases as much as 95% of excess mortality can disappear.

But don’t worry if you are past these ages.    You know you have to quit ASAP, and whatever age you can manage will bring you a ton of benefits.    You just have to quit now to reduce your risk of heart-related problems.

Ways To Help You Quit Smoking

When you finally decide to quit, just doing something with your hands and lips can help immensely. But what can you do to help?    I interviewed as many ex-smokers as I could and came up with this list to help you.

  1. If you can start exercising when you quit smoking you will fight the addiction by releasing natural endorphins into your system.   Exercise will also relieve your stress, keep you busy and reduce anxiety.   If you can’t join a gym you can still drop down and do a burst of 20 press-ups.    Or as many as you can.   Even starting with 2 or 3 is better than lighting up.
  2. When you listen to an audiobook you can forget about the need to smoke. There are so many fantastic books on Audible these days, so it’s a simple way to improve your intelligence and take your mind off smoking.    Alternatively, you could find a quiet place and listen to your favourite beats.    Another way to relax would be listening to some relaxing massage/spa like music.
  3. Some ex-smokers found that they used to go take a soothing shower or bath when they felt the urge to smoke.   Alternatively, if it’s possible, how about asking your partner for a relaxing massage.    Even a ten minute massage can help take away those cravings.
  4. Grabbing a few sticks of celery can also help.   Often when quitting smoking you want to eat more. Snacking on junk will help you balloon in a shot.   To avoid that, snack on veggies. Now, don’t say you don’t like them, stop those negative thoughts.   Get used to them. Celery and other fresh vegetables can all help you beat nicotine cravings.
  5. Keeping yourself busy is a must, especially in the first 21 days.   If you are bored you’ll be screwed. If you surround yourself with people who want to help you quit, they’ll help take your mind off your cravings.

Did you know that smoking causes 20% of deaths?

Nearly 50 million adults in America smoke cigarettes.   And from this section of society, will result in 20% of all deaths.   This is much better than half a century ago, but there is still work to be done to reduce these deaths further.

Excessive eating of sugar is also a big killer, so when you decide to quit, you must make sure you are starting a whole new health and fitness program.   You do not want to start snacking on sugary things to replace the smoking.

Everyone knows smoking is a massive killer, but less people are aware of the dangers of huge sugar binging.    Or at least they are ignoring the dangers.

How Quick Can I See Benefits After Quitting?

  • In less than half an hour your heart rate and blood pressure drop
  • Within half a day the carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal
  • In less than a year your lungs will work much better
  • Between 6 and 9 months you’ll notice you’ll cough much less and you won’t be as short of breath
  • Within one year your risks of heart disease will drop
  • Before 5 years are up from quitting you will benefit by the risks of cancer dropping by 50%

Best to Stay off E-Cigarettes

Standard cigarette smoking is dropping all the time, but the use of other tobacco products have increased rapidly.    Alarmingly, all my friends with teenage kids say more and more of their kids are trying e-cigarettes.    All of a sudden “vaping has become cool” among far too many teenagers.

For teenagers ‘vaping’ might seem like a fun, harmless, social experience.   With vaping products being available in fruit, candy and dessert flavors the allure is not surprising.   Then of course there is the alarming rise in popularity of the “hubbly bubbly pipes”, or hookahs / water pipes.   This is probably because teens think these are safer alternatives to cigarettes.

It is safe to say smoking electronic cigarettes will tempt teenagers to try real cigarettes next.   But a unique risk of electronic cigarettes is that when using them a battery heats up a liquid that contains a flavoring, a humectant (usually propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin) and the nicotine.

As you inhale on an e-cigarette you get a hit of flavored nicotine without the chemicals typically produced from burning tobacco.   However, the FDA has already detected a potentially deadly antifreeze chemical in an electronic cigarette cartridge. Yuk!! But also with carcinogens which are linked to cancer.

Let’s Quit Smoking Starting This Week

Ok, you might have missed the January resolutions, but it’s never too late to give up smoking, you know that right?

I hope these three basic steps will help you quit starting this week.

  1. You’ve got to start an exercise routine ASAP. It is a fact that anyone who exercises will find it much easier to quit. Don’t use the excuse that you can’t afford a gym membership. Even going for a 30 minute walk will be a good way to start your new exercise routine.    If you don’t have a dog, can you ask one of your neighbors to take their dog out?    YouTube has a ton of free exercise routines to help you work out a program for yourself.  If you have not had your doctor check you out for a while, make sure you get them to give you a thorough check over before starting any exercise routine.
  2. You most likely need to have a good look at your choice of diet. Do you eat enough fruit and vegetables?   If you don’t, have you have thought about buying a blender to mix up some simple veggie and fruity shakes?   Fruit smoothies truly are a very simple way to ensure you are getting enough fruits and vegetables.
  3. I think a big part of quitting smoking is keeping yourself busy.   They say it takes 25 to 30 days to break a habit but I think I’d rather say 60 days. So to help in these first two months, I think you truly need to keep mega busy, so you just don’t have time to smoke.    Join a club or two. Learn to paint.   Join a pottery club.    How about taking some Thai boxing lessons or a self-defense class?   Do something completely different to really shake up your routine and grow your network of friends.

If you need any support of further advice, please feel free to get in touch.   Use the Contact link at the top of the page.    Also, why don’t you leave a comment in the box below, we’re always happy to hear from you?    You can also check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

And most of all, quitting smoking is really difficult, and we know it will be hard for you, but the benefits of quitting are massive and you will absolutely love it once you have quit.   So go on, make this the week that you finally quit forever.


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Greg Noland

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