“Toilet Splatter”

Sep 8, 2019 | Bathroom Habits, General Health, Special Offer

Been meaning to post this question for a while. 

Remembered when on a flight to Hanoi this morning. 

Just before landing… Needed a piss. 

Opened the door and what did I see?

Toilet Splatter of the treacherous kind. 

Got me thinking about the state of many toilets in the UK on my travels. 

Cafes, restaurants and bars…

...many with the same problems. 

Toilet Splatter of the treacherous kind. 

I’ve never yet seen a toilet brush on a flight…

But cafes, restaurants and bars sometimes have them. 

Often they don’t. 

So what are you supposed to do when you’ve got tummy problems…

And do a spot of pebble-dashing on the once pristine white porcelain?

You flush the chain…

But no joy. 

Your work of art is still in plain sight. 

Of course, any fine upstanding member of the community would not want to leave this ‘art’ for the next patron. 

So you wait for the tank to refill. 

Flush again. 

Often with not much luck. 

You are stuck in a quandary… 

This doesn’t happen when you have The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayer installed. 

One, short sharp burst with your trusty Bum Gun and your art disappears down the sewers. 

A gleaming piece of white porcelain once more. 

Just another fantastic benefit of installing The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayer!

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Greg Noland

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