For many people who have never heard of the bum gun or bidet sprayers, they find themselves scratching their heads and wondering, “What’s wrong with toilet paper?”

I think you have heard of the bidet. Yes, it didn’t take off. Because it is inferior to the bum gun.

Many people think toilet paper gets you clean, there’s plenty of it to be had, and it’s not too expensive.  Why not just use what works and forget about attaching some hose to the toilet to wash yourself off after you use the bathroom?

For those who think that using toilet paper is better than investing in a bidet sprayer, they may change their mind after reading the advantages that bum gun bidet sprayers have over toilet paper.

A bidet sprayer is cheaper than toilet paper

Let’s face it – when you buy toilet paper you are flushing good money down the drain, literally. But for those without a bidet sprayer, toilet paper is a necessary evil. Yes, there is cheap toilet paper. But generally with the cheap toilet paper you have to use more than with the expensive toilet paper, meaning you are buying it more often. If you spend just $10 a week on toilet paper you have spent more than $500 by the time the year is over. Multiply that by 10 years and you have a down payment on a car.  With a bidet sprayer, you simply pay one fee.  Now what if you have a large family? What about you own a company with lots of employees? Your toilet paper bill could be a huge saving over a year. Or provide the funds to invest in your employees welfare even more.

Bidet sprayers are good for the environment

A lot of paper can be recycled, but toilet paper cannot, for obvious reasons. So, every time there is more toilet paper needed, trees need to be cut down.  Not only that, but think of all that waste. Even though it is eventually going to break down, it is hard to tell when that will happen.

Yes, some toilet paper companies produce their product with some recycled fibres, but a fraction of the roll. And the last time I used it, I walked like a cowboy for a few days from the pain.

The average person uses somewhere between 20 to 50 rolls per year.  When you have a large family, think of all the toilet paper you are using. Back to your employees: what about if you have a factory or office with over a hundred employees, or you own a care home company with hundreds of residents? Is it ok to discard tons of toilet paper down the sewers yearly when there is a better alternative?

You don’t have to worry about running out with a bidet

Everyone has had this problem – you sit down to do your business and reach for the toilet paper to find out that there is no toilet paper. Someone used the last of it and did not replace the roll. So you get up with your pants down around your ankles, going to the closet in the bathroom or the cabinet, hoping and praying you find some toilet paper. If there is none to be found, you either have to use something else or risk stains in your pants. But that is not an issue with a bidet sprayer. The bidet sprayer gets you clean and you do not have to worry about running out.

A bidet sprayer will not clog the toilet

When you have a problem with diarrhoea or constipation, one of the things that often happens is you use a lot of toilet paper. Sometimes this can cause your toilet to clog. Then you have to use a plunger, if you are lucky, or call a plumber if you are not so lucky. Either prospect is not very thrilling. Either you deal with a stinky mess yourself or you pay someone else to do it.

So one last question – still think that toilet paper is better than a bidet sprayer? The choice is up to you.


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