The Cold Hard Reality of Covid 19

Apr 17, 2020 | Covid-19, Family Health, In The News...

Most of us are in lockdown.

For my wife and me, we’re into our fourth week.

When you are locked down inside your house, and you see the corona virus only on TV, it may feel weird, remote, and sometimes like you’re in a Netflix movie.

But yesterday the corona virus became very real for us.

​Just before lunch, my wife almost chopped off her finger with kitchen knife.

​It was a pretty deep cut, so I cleaned it up, and bandaged it as best I could.

But it would not stop bleeding.

It looked like she needed stitches. But we didn’t want to go to the hospital for obvious reasons.

But after an hour, her finger was still bleeding.

​So I took her to the hospital anyway to get stitches.

We both put on our wacky N95 masks and jumped in the car.

​As soon as we got to the hospital car park, the cold hard reality of the pandemic went from random statistics to cold hard reality.

We read all about the new cases, and the rising death numbers like sports scores on the TV.

We see images in the newspapers, on websites, but nothing hits homes like seeing the pandemic right up in your face.

​At the hospital entrance, mask and visor wearing hospital security staff directed the foot traffic.

​Only patients were allowed inside.

​Visitors, which included parents and spouses, were not allowed inside.

​So if your frightened child was being checked for the corona virus, as a parent, you could not go inside with them.

​One after another, cars arrived.

Each with a healthy driver and a sick passenger coming for treatment.  

​The security officer confided in me that it was a near certainty that at least a few of those sick people who came in that day had contracted COVID-19.

​I could only imagine the anxiety and fright of the incoming patients.

​And how lucky we were that my wife only had a cut finger, and in the end didn’t need stitches.

I’m so grateful we didn’t have a more serious issue, and had to stay longer.

​The doctor just ran my wife’s finger under cold water for a few minutes, put on a compression gauze, gave her a tetanus shot, and sent us on our way.

To be honest, I was super glad to be out of there.

​Of course, when we got home, we both took off everything we were wearing, and immediately put everything in the washing machine.

Then had a thorough scrubbing in the shower.


​So a pretty surreal and scary day.

And it’s true what they say….

​Any day you are above the ground is a good day.

​Especially during these strange times.

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