“The Bum Gun helps put child through a private American University”

Jun 25, 2017 | Save Money, The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayers

“The Bum Gun helps put child through a private American University”

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Who would have thought it?

Apparently, this 21st century answer to Personal Hygiene REALLY does change lives.

I know, I know…

No one wants to hear “I Told You So”…

I’ve been telling you that for years, and many Bum Gun users already know this…

But if you’re STILL using toilet paper, read on, you MUST hear this…

A Bum Gun Fan & Customer, Ian Regis writes:


Greg, I just want to share how grateful I am that I now have The Bum Gun installed.

I must admit, I was one of the doubters for years…

For some weird reason, I was one of those naysayers you talk about on The Bum Gun Blog

I don’t think it’s my fault either. I was just brought up on toilet paper. Didn’t know any different. I’m sure you know, us Americans don’t travel far.

When we start out in life our parents just introduce us to what they were introduced to.

‘What’s good for the goose is good for the gander’ springs to mind.

Then along comes your Bumgun product, and I was just like everyone else I guess. Shooting it down as another fad, without first investigating it.

And I wanna come clean with you.

I know I put at least one or two bad comments on social media about your brand. So, I want to say sorry. It was stupid of me to discredit your product without knowing anything about it.

I think we’re all guilty of jumping to conclusions, without first thinking things through.

It’s wrong, and could damage your brand, so I hope you can forgive and forget.

Because now I am one of your biggest fans, and I’m truly a believer in The Bum Gun advanced hygiene technology.

I seriously cannot believe I’m making this change in my life, but I’m so glad I am.

I’ve now installed two bumguns in my house and three in my office, so you can see I’m definitely one of your true believers now.

And perhaps one of the biggest benefits is that I can afford to put my child though private university in my own country thanks to the savings I’m making not having to buy toilet paper every week for all my girls.

We used to go through sooo much!!.

I haven’t provided an update or testimonial in a while, and I thought it appropriate to do so, now.

Thanks again, Greg for not giving up on me – I owe you buddy!



There you have it. The perfect example of someone who ‘though’ toilet paper was the only option, but was strong enough to give The Bum Gun a chance to prove what a life changer it is.

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And please don’t play roulette with your family’s quality of life.

Please remember you are always backed up by our 60 day money back guarantee, our 5 year warranty, and we also give you a few free gifts with every purchase.

Take advantage of the superior quality of the Titan Bum Gun and truly make a difference in the lives of your loved ones, forever!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Greg Noland

CEO & Founder

The Bum Gun Ltd

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“The Future of Bathroom Hygiene in the 21st Century”

Greg Noland

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