The 80/20 of Personal Hygiene

Mar 5, 2019 | Family Health, Special Offer

The 80/20 of Personal Hygiene


A few days ago one of my best friends was telling me about his son Kyle having Chicken Pox.

(The little man will be only 3 years old next Friday – bless him).

I can well remember my bout of chicken pox at the tender age of 7 and it wasn’t pretty.

Well, as much as my friend thought everything was fine with Kyle’s recovery, he took a turn for the worst on Friday, last week.

He started breathing really rapidly, developed a nasty cough, and was running a very high temperature.

After waiting 3 hours to be seen in a hospital…

… relaying the same conversation to 5 different consultants – each of ’em listening to his chest – and having an Xray, they weren’t happy with the image of his lungs.

They’re weren’t 100% sure what it was, but my friend’s fears of Pneumonia or other complications from the Chicken Pox virus were immediately relieved.

One search on Google last week made him realise just how dangerous Chicken Pox can really be.

He had no idea.

Long story short, though … he’s home now with some medication, and his breathing – after 3 days – is back to normal.  Thank god…

From a completely drowsy, fed up state – he’s back to himself today.

Causing mayhem around the house I hear…

That’s the Kyle we know and love…

Still got a slight cough, but it doesn’t seem to be bothering him.

He sure did give my best friend a scare, though.


On to why I’m emailing you today:

Have you ever wondered, as I used to…

How some people can stay so fit and never have time off work?

To this day, I have never had a day off work in over 22 years?

How can I stay focused and have so much energy to run two businesses at over 100 hours per week?

Teach almost full time?

Get to the gym at least 5 times per week?

Wrote 4 books this year?

How do I have so much energy to do so much?

And a whole lot more I haven’t told you about here…

Do I outsource the work I don’t want to do?

Yes, some of it…

But most I do myself?

Sure my wife helps me out a ton too…

So how about you?

Do you have this much energy?

I bet you don’t…

Most people don’t…so don’t beat yourself up about it…

After 40 or 50 hours in the office, they are smoke!!

Wouldn’t you love to have even 10% more energy per day?

How about 20% more energy?

What would you do differently with 30% more energy?

Would you write that book you’ve always dreamed of?

Would you finally have the energy to get to the gym and burn off that extra fat that’s been accumulating while you crash out on the sofa every evening?

Or would you start that part-time business with your extra energy so you have more money to do the things you really want in life?

What do I attribute so much energy to…?

What is my secret to staying healthy?


That’s not completely it…

I also try not to touch door handles in public places, handrails, bannisters, buttons in the lift…

Anywhere that people who use toilet paper (and don’t wash their hands properly) will touch…

Plus I make sure I wash my hands a lot more than the average guy…

Look, you might think I’m going overboard…

But my system works a treat!!

  • Use The Bum Gun bidet sprayer instead of toilet paper
  • Wash your hands more often, multiple times per day
  • Avoid surfaces which toilet paper users have touched…

If you want the 80/20 of Personal Hygiene, the 20% that leads to 80% of your results…

Then you’ll want to check out my Irresistible Bum Gun Offer before the 12th March…

Click either link below and make 2019 Your Best Year Ever for You and All Your Family…

“What would you do differently with 30% more energy?”

Irresistible Offer A – 2 Sets of Titan Bidet Sprayer and 3 Way Safety Valve

Irresistible Offer B – 2 Sets of Titan Bidet Sprayer (Safety Valves not included)

Take advantage of my Irresistible Offers on the Titan Bum Gun and truly make a difference in the lives of important people to you, forever!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Greg Noland

CEO & Founder

The Bum Gun Ltd


PS: Please keep an eye out for The Bum Gun Affiliate ClubNew in 2019 so you can make money from encouraging friends to make the switch from nasty old toilet paper to…

‘The Future of Bathroom Hygiene in the 21st Century”…



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Greg Noland

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