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Huge Special Bum Gun Offer For Australia

Jan 8, 2016 | The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayers

As anyone who has been following my blog since the end of last year will know, I took a trip to Australia with my wife from 10th December until earlier this week.

How Good Is Australia?

Every day in this fine country was fantastic, and admittedly, it was not exactly how I thought it was going to be.

Have you ever thought about travelling to Australia? How about studying there? If you are you planning a vacation in the land down under I would fully recommend you follow through and get yourself over there.

Yes, it’s a long way. But if you are coming from the UK you should probably stop in Bangkok for a day or two. This will break up the journey and give you a chance to experience a bit of Thailand also.

You might have read about the fresh food, the gorgeous beaches, and the sunshine in Australia.

Or you might have read about deadly animals and it being dry and dusty. Deadly animals? Yes, Im sure they have them. But thankfully on my trip I never saw any.

I never saw anything dry and dusty. In fact the whole eastern coastline we travelled down, and over 2,000km was nothing but lush green countryside.

I had such a fantastic time there I would seriously consider living there.

Anyhow, to celebrate my fantastic honeymoon and trip to Australia and to thank the country for giving me such an awesome holiday, I would like to do something very special for every Australian living in their country.

My offer is a whopping 20% discount for every order of the Titan Bum Gun ordered before Sunday 10th January, 11pm GMT.

You can view the Titan Bum Gun on this link:

This is for orders sent to an Australian address. If you are interested please email your order to RIGHT NOW

Greg Noland

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