Nero is no. 2 best seller in our Italian Stallions range of bidet sprayersNero is built with a strong ABS handle in elegant black. We guarantee the chrome plating is of the highest quality and tested according to EN248 regulations in order to verify the chrome plating is perfectly adhered to the brass surface. We also use stainless steel grade 304 for all flexible hoses in the Italian Stallions range.

The working parts are also guaranteed to the highest standard. For more than 60 years our Italian manufacturer has been appreciated all over the world for its highest quality workmanship.

The Nero Bum Gun bidet sprayer can last for years if you care for it well.

We are confident in The Bum Gun’s quality which is why we offer a long term warranty on our products.

As with every product in life, there is a degree of care which is needed to ensure a long life. This is why we strongly advise using an isolating valve with all our bidet sprayers.

Whatever you call it,  shattaf, bidet sprayer, biday, beeday, toilet hose, bum washer, eco product, environmental product, muslim shower, nappy sprayer, diaper sprayer, reduce toilet paper, stop wasting toilet paper, we simply call this modern revolution, The Bum Gun bidet sprayer.


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