One Day Left of Bum Gun Promotion

Dec 29, 2020 | Special Offer, Your Best Year Ever

Would you like to make 2021 your loved one’s best year ever?

There’s only one day left of my Christmas and New Year promotion.

So you haven’t got long.

And no, this is not some false scarcity marketing tactic.

When that timer hits zero, that’s it.

Yes, it’s true…

There’s only ‘One Day Left of the Bum Gun Promotion’…

The Bum Gun promotion will be over for another year.

I might do another Bum Gun promotion next Christmas.

I can’t say for sure.

So, yes, you could wait another 365 odd days.

You can keep smearing with toilet paper for another 365 days.

You can keep buying toilet paper for another year. Maybe spending $1,000+ in the process.

But why would you?

Why not take action now?

In less than 10 days you could have your Bum Gun installed.

In less than 10 days you could save your relationship.

Because I’m pretty sure your partner does NOT like your anal odour.

Or your poop stained underpants.

In less than 10 days you could be enjoying the massive benefits of being ‘Shower Fresh’ clean after every toilet visit.

That one fact alone should be enough to convince you being clean is far better than smearing with toilet paper.

And when you give someone you love an amazing gift that changes their life forever, you will be their hero forever.

You can change lives when you help your family & friends discover the benefits of Bum Gun technology!

But you have to be a little bit bold.

I know changing habits isn’t easy.

I’ve been to CEO of The Bum Gun for almost 10 years, so I’ve spoken to a lot of people in that time about their personal hygiene…

Found out why they didn’t take action earlier…

Why they continued struggling with toilet paper for so long.

But 99% of their objections, in the beginning, were all misconceptions.

The 1% was down to the fact they lived remotely and didn’t have any freshwater…

Or they didn’t have any power…

But I’m guessing you are on the regular mains network for water.

I’m guessing water pressure is NOT a problem for you.

Ok, wifey is calling…

It’s time for the gym.

So I must wrap up now.

Hit that link below. Invest in the bum gun today…

And I promise you that you’ll never regret this decision.

Make a difference in someone’s life for 2021…
Take action NOW with this link below: 

Wishing you a fulfilling and prosperous 2023,

I look forward to serving you better in the New Year,

Greg Noland

CEO & Founder

The Bum Gun Ltd

Greg Noland

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