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Oct 10, 2015 | General Health, Teen Health & Well Being


OMG My Mother! A Relationship Guide for Teenage Girls – Today ONLY 99 cents

This ‘Teenage Relationships Guide’ book special offer will help you steer clear of the relationship dilemmas which can cause heartache instead of love and bonding through the delicate teenage years. This is your handy guide whenever you need guidance in these four important areas of teenage relationships; mother, best friend, siblings, and love interest.

You will discover essential tips that will give you the power to develop the most awesome relationships through your teen years and beyond. Almost every teenage girl has relationship problems which they wish they could avoid. With the teenage years so full of challenges and strains this OMG book will help you close the gap in misunderstanding and avoid the pain.

This 3rd book in the ‘OMG Teen Book Series’ will also help you better understand the main people in your lives, and provide the advice you may be desperately looking for. I know when I was a teenager there was so much I wanted to know about relationship issues, and why I was falling out with some of the closest people in my life, but I couldn’t find the answers for.

The actionable tips and advice in this teen book are guaranteed to help you discover how to make the most of your relationships.

Reduce the pain, loneliness, fighting and sadness which can often come with teenage relationships for a better quality of life.

Grab your 99c book special offer Today! Now on Amazon:

Greg Noland

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