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Feb 25, 2020 | Special Offer, The Best of Your Life, The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayers

I often get emails asking why my Bum gun bidet sprayers are 20 to 30% higher than eBay or Amazon.

Well, first off.

1.      Have you read many of the comments of the best-selling bidet sprayers on Amazon?

Tons of buyers upset that their new bidet sprayer leaked after a few days or weeks.

Quality costs a bit more, right?

2.      If you dig a little deeper into some of those comments, you’ll find people complaining that the warranty on their sprayer was only 30 days, or 3 months, or 6 months.

Our Titan 304 Stainless Steel Bum Gun comes with a rock-solid 5 Year Warranty – That’s a full 60 Months if you weren’t sure.

3.      If the sprayer makes it to the 12 months without leaking or cracking, do you think many of the sellers will be around to honour a 12-month warranty?

The Bum Gun Ltd is a fully registered British Company that stands behind our bidet sprayers.

If you ever have a problem with your sprayer, and you might, I am always here to fix your problem as fast as possible. Look, I’m old enough (and some say ugly enough – not many, and not often to my face) to know that no products are perfect.

Our Bum Guns are hand-made for the best part, and problems could occur. After all, water is a funny ol’ sod, and will make its way through the smallest of gaps.

But you need to know I’m going to be around from now until 2022 or 2023.

Look, I’ve been in The Bum Gun business since 2010, and don’t plan on going anywhere soon.

I’ve barely touched the surface in helping people discover the awesome benefits of being ‘Shower Fresh Clean’ after every toilet visit.

I have another 19.9 million people to help. (Not sure why this figure – Click HERE and scroll down to “The 5/20 Plan” )


Final Thoughts…

Nobody really wants to have to go to the toilet. But anyone in his or her right mind DOES want to avoid the misery of broken skin from abrasive toilet paper, not feeling properly clean, ‘itchy-butt-itis’ and having to waste their hard earned money every week, on the nasty old toilet paper.

Enter the 21st century’s answer to an age-old problem. The Titan Bum Gun bidet sprayer.

Never again will you have to smear around hoping to get clean.

The Titan has been designed to provide you a very controlled direct spray action to ensure a ‘shower fresh clean’ every time and in seconds. Without even having to get undressed.

While sitting, just lean to the side, and spray (Guys)

Gals, you’ll probably want to shoot from the front.

Super simple!

All essential core components, such as the body, hose and trigger are made of premium 304 stainless steel.

So you never have to worry about cracks and splits causing leaks common with the cheap plastic and PVC copies you might have seen on Amazon.

The Titan’s elegant matt satin finish of smooth stainless steel will give your bathroom a VIP feel instantly.

And ensure any visitors will be hurrying to copy your smart bathroom upgrade.

All Titans bidet sprayers come with our iron-clad 5 year warranty to give you total peace of mind.

You are covered well into 2025. Test drive the Titan bidet sprayer today and experience the delight and satisfaction of finally feeling ‘shower fresh clean’ all day long.

All being said, I am a man of reason…

Therefore, for a limited period, I will give you a whopping 20% Discount on your first Titan Bum Gun.

So for only £75.00, you will receive:

  • Our Titan Bum Gun and 3-way safety valve
  • Inclusive of postage and packing
  • 5 Year Warranty included
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not totally blown away with how awesome the Titan cleans you and your family.

Hurry, because I’m not sure how long I will keep this offer open.

Don’t delay. Act now.

Make your family proud you made such a smart decision.

And you will beat the Spring Time rush and have your Bum Gun installed in time for the leaves appearing on the trees!

You and Your Family Deserve This!

‘Shower Fresh Clean’ After Every Toilet Visit For All The Family…

Thank you and I’m looking forward to taking care of all your Bum Gun needs, from now through and past 2025!!

PS: If you don’t need the 3-way safety valve. Or need the 2-way valve. Or want a better offer on 2 sets or 3 sets. Please email me at info (at) with the subject line: I Want a Better Offer Greg”.

Or simply click the quantity tab at the bottom of the checkout page.

Why not buy a few more sets for your family, friends and colleagues?

The Bum Gun is the perfect gift all through the year!

Greg Noland

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