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Mr Bum Gun Has Returned From Australia

Jan 4, 2016 | Special Offer, The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayers

So after a whirlwind, 25 day trip consisting of a 2,500 odd km drive down the east coast of Australia I am finally back at work, helping to clean the bums of the western world. I wouldn’t say I have been off work for those 25 days (don’t tell my wife), as I was actively researching how to help Australia’s personal hygiene and do something which will help their amazing country.

I truly feel we all have a burning desire to help people in this world, whether we realize it or not. We humans are a very caring bunch, and I know deep down you only want what is best for your friends, family and colleagues. And as long as you have a sense of belonging to your community, your local area, your state, and even your country, you will want what is best for everyone within your group.

This is the same for me. Since I have discovered this awesome technology, and I fully understand the massive improvements it has given in my life, I feel it is my duty to show others.

Now I want to help you, and every Australian discover the benefits also.

Does Australia Use The Bum Gun?

We hired a car in Brisbane and while hugging the coastline, drove all the way down south of Melbourne, and then toured that area. We stopped at multiple towns, if not for an overnight stay then at least to have a drink and a walkabout. After 25 nights we saw plenty of towns, and checked out many bathrooms. Unfortunately, not one bathroom had The Bum Gun fitted. Not yet anyway.

Would Australia Embrace The Bum Gun?

It is my business to help people, and in order to do that I have to meet a lot of people, and find out their opinion of The Bum Gun. I must have spoken to over 100 people about The Bum Gun during my stay. In fact it must have been much more, as 100 is only 4 per day. Probably closer to 200 then. I can honestly say I think Australia could well embrace The Bum Gun before any other western country.

Why Do I Think Australia Will Embrace The Bum Gun?

After talking to all those people, be they landlords, hotel owners, shopkeepers, bar tenders or whatever. Every single one of them couldn’t believe why this invention is not already in place in every Australian bathroom.  The majority had not even heard of this hand held bidet sprayer technology. But I collected a lot of business cards, email addresses and phone numbers, so I’m going to be very busy over the next few weeks following up with these people.

Australians are a very active, outdoor type of people. They get up early, and they play a lot of outdoor sports, especially surfing, swimming in the sea, or generally enjoying the outdoors. They have an absolutely gorgeous country, and I think they try very hard to look after it. I rarely saw any litter.

I think they will understand the huge eco-benefits of The Bum Gun and perhaps appreciate them more.

They know ripping up thousands of trees daily to produce a product you’ll just use once and then destroy is not sustainable.

Does Australia Need The Bum Gun?

Australians are no different from anyone else in that they mostly use toilet paper at the moment, due purely to habit. They basically are not aware of better alternatives. They all use water to brush their teeth. They all shower with water. They wash their hair and their hands when they are dirty with, yes water. But every person I interviewed in Australia admitted they thought toilet paper a wasteful product, and they agreed using ‘water’ to clean was a no-brainer.. der!

Of course it’s a no brainer. But it’s completely not Australians fault, or Brits, Canadians or Americans fault for that matter. We were all brought up on toilet paper, and we’re just following that habit.

Summary: The Bum Gun Australia

Now is the time to let every Australian experience the benefits of The Bum Gun. So I’ll have to sign off here, and start emailing the heaps of people I have contact details for.

Special Bum Gun Offer For Australians

To celebrate my trip to Australia and to thank the country for giving me an awesome holiday, I will offer a 20% discount for every order of the Titan Bum Gun ordered before Sunday 11pm GMT.

This is for orders sent to an Australian address. If you are interested please email your order to


Greg Noland

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