Model Drops Her Panties in The Forest

Nov 14, 2016 | Eco Friendly, Female Hygiene, The Environment

Model Drops Her Panties in The Forest

Handheld Shattaf Bidet Sprayers
Personal hygiene & cleanliness
Stainless steel shower sprayers

It’s an interesting concept to see fashion models working on environmental causes. Here “Helene on Toilet Paper” is seen dropping her panties in the forest to tell us why toilet paper is so bad.

Model Helene Traasavic relieves her bladder on an open-air toilet in the middle of the forest as she explains how to avoid being wasteful with toilet paper.

But I’m not sure why they didn’t go one better and explain the benefits of The Bum Gun.

Especially as a female model, you’d guess most have discovered the much cleaner and more hygienic habit of using an invigorating jet spray of water to clean properly after every toilet visit..

A Bidet Sprayer Cleans You Better – Period

When you use a bidet rather than toilet paper, it is like you are cleaning yourself off in the shower every time you use the bathroom.   Toilet paper might stick to your body and may even get caught in unmentionable places. But with the bidet sprayer all you are using is water to clean your body.  Since you are going to the bathroom anyway, why not get properly clean each and every time and avoid odour and accidents in your underwear because you may have missed something that you didn’t know was there.

“One senses that no amount of wet-wiping could bring TRUE hygiene.”
Author: Tahir Shah

Improve your hygiene with the Bidet Sprayer

Beyond the fact that the bidet sprayer gets you much cleaner than toilet paper and even flushable wipes, the bidet sprayers help you with staying clean and having fewer problems with odour.  What a lot of people don’t think about when it comes to their hygiene, or lack of it. There is issue of embarrassment of poor body odour when you only use toilet paper. You might not notice, but there’s a good chance the people around you will. This problem can be two-fold if you are female. But with The Bum Gun bidet sprayer, it is much easier to take care of all of the problems that are associated with poor toilet paper hygiene.

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Dedicated to improving hygiene,

Greg Noland

Founder, CEO & Author

The Bum Gun Ltd

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