Make 2020 a Bum Gun Christmas

Dec 20, 2020 | Best Gift Ever, Special Offer

Make 2020 a Bum Gun Christmas.
Ok, I get it, Covid v2 has arrived.
They said it would.
And now Boris tells us that Christmas has been cancelled.
Well of course it isn’t.
We can all still enjoy a wonderful Christmas as best we can.
Do you think Christmas was cancelled in 1914?
No, it wasn’t.
Do you think Christmas was cancelled in 1939?
No, it wasn’t.
So, in 2020, it is also NOT cancelled.
It’s just going to be different.
And when you give someone you love an amazing gift that changes their life forever, you will have a fabulous Christmas.
Of course, you know a thing or two about gift-giving at Christmas time…
How it all plays out. The edge-of-seat anticipation.
The careful untying of a bow. The confidence of knowing you chose well. That moment when the paper falls away.
And there, that smile, merry and bright.
Oh, well done, you. You’re a gift-giving hero.
You can change lives when you help your family & friends discover the benefits of Bum Gun technology!
Make a difference in someone’s life this Christmas…
Check out our Awesome Christmas Promotion for 2020.

Wishing you a fulfilling and prosperous 2023,

I look forward to serving you better in the New Year,

Greg Noland

CEO & Founder

The Bum Gun Ltd

Greg Noland

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