Listen up, listen good, and never forget my little droogie

Nov 16, 2016 | General Health, Special Offer, The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayers

Listen up, listen good, and never forget my little droogie…

Special Offer
So called friends

I recently had a conversation with a client of mine, let’s call him Jim, who was starting to see some significant success in his life, and he attributed a lot of it to his new Bum Gun bidet sprayer.

He told me since purchasing his bidet sprayer he felt like he had much more energy day to day…

He asked me if this was normal and I reminded Jim that toilet paper users are exposed to needless amounts of bacteria.

So before I explain Jim’s problem, a brief reminder…

Let’s face it, most people do not wash their hands properly….

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are quite clear on the correct washing procedure.

CLICK HERE for a reminder…

So, as most people do NOT wash their hands properly, the bacteria that seeps through their toilet paper gets into their life, and can be energy draining.

It is nice to think that we can fight off all bacteria around us.

The Sad Fact Is – Most ‘Friends’ Don’t Want You To Succeed…

And most often we can, thankfully.

Normally, these bugs won’t cause you health problems, because your immune system keeps them in check.

However, if you are not healthy, those tiny bugs have a strong chance of harming you.

If your health is for any reason compromised (nutrient deficiency caused by poor diet, stress, trauma, unhealthy lifestyle, genetics, age, etc.), they can overwhelm your weakened body defenses, over-multiply, and cause disease.

The statistics are important here: infectious diseases are the #1 cause of death in children and the elderly.

Why do your so-called friends want you to crash and burn?”

That makes these tiny bugs worth fighting, don’t you think?

Jim thought so too…

Which is why he took me up on my Irresistible Offer, and you can TOO.

And since he installed his bidet sprayer his business started to improve…

Money was starting to flow like lies from a politician’s lips…

New customers were popping up like pimples on a teenager’s face…

And, he had more free time on his hands than a welfare queen laying around watching TV in her onesie all day.

So, why was he down?

Because he couldn’t figure out why (1) nobody in his world was all that happy for him and (2) why they were, in some cases, even hostile and antagonistic towards him. (3) Some people mocked him for wanting to be properly clean after every toilet visit!! (heaven forbid!!)

Greg,  he asked, “shouldn’t they be rooting for me instead of taking shots at me all the time?”

My answer?

two titan bum guns special offer

Click HERE for our Irresistible Offer

Only £150 inc delivery

The world simply doesn’t celebrate real achievements anymore.

It celebrates reality crap stars on TV of course..!

In fact, an observation:

I have noticed over the past decade or so especially, success, persistence, and discipline, are simply not celebrated.

The small business dude isn’t even supported by successive governments…

They are almost mocked, in a lot of cases.

It’s weird  the things that are celebrated today. Someone gets a new $75k per year job licking corporate boots — yaaaay!

Statistically, they will probably either quit or get fired in a few years.

Or, at the very least, have their morale butchered by office politicians and a boss who was promoted a level or two above his competency.

Someone starts a business from scratch and makes $150k their first year, with a foundation to hit the millions in a few more? Meh. He just got lucky…

So listen up, listen good, and never forget my little droogie:

Nobody cares about you or your accomplishments.

Yes, ‘some’ people do, of course…

But, don’t count on it.

And, don’t expect anyone to sing your praises for putting your family’s well-being first and installing your Bum Gun bidet sprayer.

And who cares if they do, either way?

Let them struggle on with nasty toilet paper…

What you should be focused on is your mission to lead a better life.

And with The Bum Gun in your life, you’ve definitely stepped up in the world…

You’ve VIP’ed your personal hygiene…

Let the doubters and scoffers do their thing, you do yours.

If anything, let them be spectators in your life to give their little, insignificant lives something to do.

But if you ARE like Jim and want a better life…

If you feel similar to Jim and your mission is to improve your life, through better personal hygiene for you and all your family, then listen here…

I want you to grab my Irresistible Offer of Two Bum Guns and Values for My Super Special Price…

December is fast approaching…

And wouldn’t you love your rockstar status in your family to ramp up significantly once all your family see the sparkling new bidet sprayer beside your toilet?

This is valuable stuff you can’t afford to miss out on…

Grab My Irresistible Offer HERE, and make this your Best Ever Christmas:

Or copy and paste this link:

I look forward to taking care of your bidet sprayer needs!


Dedicated to improving hygiene,

Greg Noland

Founder, CEO & Author

The Bum Gun Ltd


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