Ladies: Is Using A Bidet Sprayer Douching?

Nov 21, 2012 | Family Health, Female Hygiene, Teen Health & Well Being

The vagina has a natural cleaning mechanism. There are natural bacteria and microflora inside the vagina that help maintain cleanliness and a steady pH, or acidity level.

Douching may disrupt the pH balance in the vaginal cavity by removing some of these natural bacteria, clearing the way for harmful bacteria. Douching may hasten the onset of bacterial vaginosis, a condition where more harmful bacteria outnumber the healthy bacteria. You should always discuss with your physician or doctor before douching.

The Importance of a bidet sprayer for female hygiene

Many users of the bidet sprayer feel it is one of the most important devices in their lives for improving their well being and general level of hygiene. The bidet sprayer can be used simply to clean the outer area of the vagina and pubic region after every trip to the bathroom.
Occasionally a more thorough clean is needed.

Some simple Steps to Douching

Currently most bathrooms in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia don’t have a bidet sprayer installed, although the numbers are increasing. However, nothing is stopping you to get a bidet sprayer installed in your home and business. If you are an employee, luckily more and more businesses are understanding the importance of hygiene and the huge benefits to employees which bidet sprayers bring.

Why and when to douche:

  1. During your period if you are going to a public swimming pool or spa.
  2. When suffering vaginal yeast or fungal infections that cause irritation from discharges, itching and burning.
  3. Anytime you want to feel extra clean and fresh, perhaps for a special date, or special night out.
  4. When you are concerned about vaginal odour.
  5. If you had too much of a good thing with your man last night and you are sore.
  6. After the end of your period.
  7. For normal use, douche once a week or less.

 For serious infections: always consult your doctor immediately. Don’t wait hoping for the best. Better to be safe than sorry.

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Jill Howard

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