Did you know studies have found that flushing your toilet can spew bathroom-related bacteria into the air?

And that same bacteria often then lands on your toothbrush.

Therefore, wouldn’t you say it’d be a good idea to keep your toothbrush far away from the potential contaminants?

Oh yea, and make sure you close your toilet lid before you flush.

And it’s not just my opinion…

Dr. Charles Gerba, PhD, a professor of microbiology at University of Arizona in Tucson, says flushing the toilet with the lid up is not wise.

“Polluted water vapor erupts out of the flushing toilet bowl and it can take several hours for these particles to finally settle — not to mention where,” he says. “If you have your toothbrush too close to the toilet, you are brushing your teeth with what’s in your toilet.”

Ok, enough said, go store your toothbrush properly…

And make sure you dry it after using it…

Oh, and while we’re on the topic, probably a good idea to change your brush more often than you’re currently doing.

Dental hygienists advise you change your brush monthly, not every 6 months like the average…

Until next time…


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Greg Noland

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