Is Your Family Struggling With These Latest Price Hikes?

Apr 11, 2016 | In The News...

Are You Angry About ALL Your Bills Going Up?

I’ve just read about a whole host of intended price hikes bound to affect thousands of families who are already struggling to pay their bills. We all know it feels like we are in a constant recession, but depending on who you listen to we are now in a growth period. Today I want to discuss these price hikes, why I think they are wrong, and some smart solutions to beat these price hikes.

Here’s me thinking there was next to zero inflation at the moment, right?
how-to-help-my-familySo where is the justification for these price rises when inflation is at an all-time low? I’m no master economist (as I pay my taxes), but shouldn’t current inflation be linked to whether costs have to rise or not?

I guess the US is also struggling with similar price problems, but in the UK more and more people think Cameron is thinking “thanks for voting me in ….suckers!”

We all know he’s famous for saying “we are all in this together”. But I guess he’s sat on his expensive porch eating his poached eggs for breakfast with a huge grin on his face, thinking ‘some of us don’t need to pinch pennies – we were born rich’.

Meanwhile, UK families have been told we face a host of inflation-busting increases in our bills including increases in council tax, and costs rising for everything from our mobile phone bills to prescriptions as the new tax year begins.

What is also disgusting and just shows how lost this government is that they are even raising the prices of wigs for cancer sufferers as NHS costs increase.

Just some of the increased costs UK families face include:

  • Average council tax bills up by 3.99%
  • Stamp duty hike for buy to rent investors
  • Energy costs could rise by £160 per year
  • Prescription costs up by 20p
  • Dental charges up by 5%
  • Cost of stamps up
  • Sending small parcels, up
  • Mobile phone operators O2 and EE putting up costs by 1.6%
  • Sky TV costs up
  • Air travel costs up


But it’s not all bad news we hear…

Members of Parliament Will See £1,000 Pay Rises

Oh, that makes all these prices rises ok then, when we know our darling MP”s, who work so tirelessly for our benefit are finally seeing a pay rise almost £1,000.

I remember just last week feeling pity for the hard grafters of our government who work so hard that they can’t even stay awake during parliament.

Couldn’t we also provide blankets and pillows, rather than forcing them to use each other’s shoulders for a bit of comfort during Prime Minister question time?

But seriously, here’s me thinking MP’s and the like had a 1 per cent pay cap imposed on the rest of the public sector just recently. But now they are giving themselves a 1.3 per cent increase, worth £962 a year.

“We are all in this together” – My Ar*e We Are!!

the-bum-gun-price-hikes-killing-familiesThe pay increase takes MPs’ basic salary to £74,962 – almost three times the average £26,000 salary.

Energy Price Hikes

Four of the ‘big six’ providers – British Gas, EDF Energy, Scottish Power and Npower have fixed cut-price deals ending.


Average Council Tax Tops £1,500 A Year For The First Time

Further bad news tells us that the standard council tax bill is rise beyond £1,500 for the first time.

From today, a benchmark Band D home’s bill will increase 3.1 per cent – the biggest hike in eight years.

The increase is three times higher than any imposed since David Cameron entered Downing Street.

It has broken an effective five-year freeze by allowing 144 councils to add a 2 per cent premium to bills to pay for social care for the elderly, vulnerable and disabled.

Air Travel Costs UP, Up and Away!!

Our hard working Chancellor will be taking more from our pockets, with changes to stamp duty and air passenger duty.

Air passenger duty on long-haul flights will increase by almost 3 per cent – up £2 to £73 for economy class and increasing £4 to £146 for others.


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More Painful UK Cost Hikes

Mobile phone networks Three, O2 and EE are pushing up prices.

Three’s customers who are on £15 ‘legacy’ plans will have to pay double – £30 monthly.

Prices at EE and O2 are rising by 1.3 per cent, in line with the Retail Price Index measure of inflation.

And Sky has announced price hikes on TV subscriptions – up to 8 per cent – from June.

So What Is The Solution To All These Cost Hikes?

Unfortunately, I don’t have all the answers. We obviously can’t forget all the good lessons we learnt about budgeting from the tough times we had in the last recession. But I believe we have all tightened our shoestrings far enough. We have got rid of a lot of so called “luxuries” and slimmed down on many others.

BUT, and this is a massive BUT – so many people are still struggling along with rough old toilet paper. Please hear me out. You’ll be glad you did.

By switching to The Bum Gun bidet sprayer you and all your family will receive far more benefits than you realize.

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  2. You won’t have the hassle of having to shop for massive jumbo rolls of toilet paper every week.
  3. You’ll never have that “run out of toilet paper” awful feeling ever again.
  4. You’ll never have those fights and arguments with the person whose job it was to buy the toilet paper.

Hey, look there are a ton of benefits, too many to list here.

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Greg Noland

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