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Is using toilet tissue cleaner than using water?

Sep 30, 2014 | Bathroom Habits, Family Health

If a bird flies past and does his deed on our arm, or worse our head, do we reach for some paper or toilet tissue to smear the mess around? Or do we get to a tap and wash it off.

Likewise if we stand in some dog do-do, don’t we prefer to use a puddle to wash it off properly?

Some people choose to use a wet wipe to combat the daily ritual of cleaning our butts. However, then we are faced with disposal issues as our sewerage companies instruct us not to dispose of them down the toilet.

Others methods around the world include the Japanese who have really gone to town when cleansing after a bowel movement. They have warm toilet seats, a mini bum gun and dryer all rolled into one.

If you think about it logically, toilet tissue is clearly not the best option. Toilet tissue doesn’t clean as thoroughly as water and never will. Hence the legions of skid stains in y-fronts growing up.

However, the majority of UK, Europe and America are still using toilet tissue, and if you read some forums on the topic, some people scoff at the idea of using water. Do these same people not think having a shower is the best way to clean themselves?

Using The Bum Gun daily eliminates any staining, odour, or anal itching that may occur from toilet tissue use. And when using soap with The Bum Gun you are ensuring a fresh, soothing, thorough clean that is the same as having a shower.

Let’s face it, we all love to feel clean and fresh, don’t put yourself through the discomfort and sometimes painful process of using toilet tissue anymore.

Test Drive The Bum Gun Today!!

Greg Noland

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