I Was Wrong. The Bum Gun Does Beat Toilet Paper, Here’s My Story

Nov 24, 2019 | Family Health, Female Hygiene, The Best of Your Life, The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayers

What gives you the greatest day possible?

Perhaps it’s hearing your son or daughter got the highest score on a spelling test at school.

Maybe you beat your record on an exercise in the gym.

Or it could just be driving all the way to work without some loony cutting you off.

For me, it’s hearing from someone who once didn’t believe in The Bum Gun. But has seen the error of their ways and become a Bum Gun fan for life.

Some people say just one person ditching toilet paper for The Bum Gun will not have much effect on the environment.

But this is misguided logic.

Of course, The Bum Gun does help the environment massively…

But the simple personal benefits are very real.

Here is the story of one person who is over the moon they discovered The Bum Gun.



Hey Guys,

I need to share this important story with you so you don’t make the same mistake I did with your personal hygiene.

My girlfriend Clare went on a 12-month world tour with her girlfriends after finishing college. Like many people.

When she returned, she had a ton of awesome stories. She wouldn’t stop talking about her trip for weeks once she got back.

I was so jealous that I didn’t follow this same path before starting my career.

But when I asked her what was her single greatest event/discovery during her year-long trip, her answer shocked me…

She told me her biggest life-changing experience was discovering The Bum Gun.

To be honest, I didn’t even know what she meant by ‘the bum gun’…

But when we found our first place to live together, she insisted that we install our own bum gun.

She assured me I’d come round quickly and think just like her real quick.

When she explained. It totally confused me.

All I could think about was water shooting all over the bathroom, drenching my clothes. And worse, I imagined it would be like dumping my whole body in some ice-hole in the Antarctic.

If you know what UK winters are like, you’ll know what I mean.

However, Clare told me there was nothing to be worried about, and I was being stupid.

Anyway, I trusted her judgement and told her to go ahead, place the order and organize the installation.

To my surprise, it was only £75 for the sprayer and valve, and one of our neighbours agreed to fit it for only £50.

The next Saturday I was having a bit of a lie-in. I heard the doorbell ring. And Clare talking to the plumber.

I thought it was going to take a few hours to sort out the installation. So dozed off.

But within about 20 minutes I heard our front door close, and remarkably everything was done.

Wow! Too easy…

As a nation, we Brits are usually very embarrassed about talking about poo and ‘doing our business’.

It just doesn’t seem to be the type of topic that pops up too much.

Therefore, I’d rarely thought about any alternative to toilet paper.

It never even occurred to me that other countries have a whole different look on the whole butt-cleaning issue.

What’s more. I thought the British were very clean people. Apart from the odd stinky person you sometimes come across, with bad BO armpits. Generally people in the UK seem very concerned about their hygiene and appearance.

Heck, the toiletries industry must be worth billions.

But when Clare starting talking about the effectiveness of The Bum Gun, I started to squirm.

She went on about skid-marks, blood on toilet paper, anal rash and all sorts of topics that haven’t much crossed my mind.

I often went through a bit of pain when using toilet paper. And yes, I have had skid-marks in my underpants. Whoops!

But I just thought this was par for the course of going to the toilet. And that everyone had to put up with this.

I started to feel pretty dirty…

And even more embarrassed about the whole topic.

But Clare seemed so knowledgeable.

She told me The Bum Gun has a cult status among travellers.

As many felt the same ‘enlightening’ experience that Clare clearly had.

She even had a stream of facts to share including:

· Western countries use over 8 billion rolls of toilet paper every year.

· Most people use roughly 35–40 rolls per year.

· And approx. 30,000 trees worth of toilet paper are flushed down the toilet every single day of the year.

To be honest, I didn’t realise how many trees are used to make toilet paper.

But I thought 40 rolls a year was on the low side.

As a king of Friday night curries, especially the hotter variety. I knew I could easily get through a roll a week on my own, often more.

I hated it in college sharing houses and getting that dreaded empty roll experience. I always felt my flat-mates were often missing their turn to buy the next pack of toilet paper.

But I usually took on the burden myself. Because they would always buy the nasty, cheap stuff. That felt like 40-grit sandpaper! Ouch.

No one likes forking out their money, just for it to go straight down the toilet. No other option though, right?

Well, that’s what I thought.

I had thought about using wet-wipes, but not after I found out about all the fatbergs clogging all our sewers. There was no way I was gonna contribute to that million-pound a month fiasco.

So What Was The Bum Gun Like To Use?

To be honest, I actually enjoyed it.

It is far easier to use than I first thought.

I’m not skilful or anything. It’s not exactly rocket-science to control a jet of water. We all do it every day in the shower.

This is just a mini-version of a regular shower hose. The only real difference is that you get more control.

You squeeze the trigger and you get your jet of water. Then you let go, and it stops.

For the first few days, I used a bit of toilet paper after spraying just to make sure I’d got ‘everything’ off.

I was quite surprised how effective it was.

I felt super clean. Refreshed.

And no more pain.

Plus, I didn’t even feel the water being cold. The jet-stream is hitting such a small area of skin, at high-pressure. You don’t notice. If anything, it’s refreshing.

A no-brainer all-round!

Are There Any Negatives of The Bum Gun?

So far so good.

I was concerned about possible leaks.

If you look at many of the reviews on Amazon. It seems the number one complaint, after weak pressure, is leakages. And even after just a few weeks of use.

We’ve had our Bum Gun now for about 6 months, and no problems what so ever.

I also love not having to buy massive amounts of toilet paper anymore.

I haven’t counted up exactly how much money I’m saving. But I’m pretty sure it’s a nicely growing pot.

I’d rather have a weekend in Amsterdam than keep buying toilet paper.

So, to say I’m chuffed is an understatement.

And I’m not too proud to admit I was WRONG.

The Bum Gun bidet sprayer does make having a poo a much more pleasant and hygienic experience.

Like Clare says, everyone deserves the refreshing cleansing of The Bum Gun.

Thanks guys and you can mark me down as a fan for life!

Ok, there you have it.

But this isn’t really about Clare.

It’s about YOU and all your loved ones.

They don’t deserve to have to keep putting up with rough, old toilet paper…

They DO deserve to feel ‘shower fresh’ clean after using the toilet.

Head on over to our promotion’s page and grab our best-selling Titan model.

I promise you will not regret it.

And if for some strange reason you are the first person to prefer toilet paper over The Bum Gun after your 60-day trial, simple email me and I’ll arrange your refund.

I can’t say fairer than that.

Use this link: https://www.thebumgun.com/titan-promotions/


Looking forward to taking care of all your bidet sprayer needs.

Greg Noland

CEO The Bum Gun

Greg Noland

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