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Has Bacteria Scared You Through 2015?

Nov 10, 2015 | Family Health, The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayers

There are a lot of ways to scare yourself. Standing naked in a room walled with mirrors will do it. Eavesdropping on a restaurant conversation of four people a third of your age will do it.

Germs and bacteria that weaken you, zap you of vital energy, distract you from your daily mission of making yourself smarter, more sophisticated, more capable, fitter, healthier and the intrusion that interferes with the implementation, should do it too.

All the sympathetic enablers and misery types who try encourage poor thinking and behaviour tell you how the game is rigged and that you deserve gold stars just for trying and recognize your excuses as legitimate and say that happiness and success aren’t all they are cracked up to be anyway.

I have my life self-reflection moments just like everyone does from time to time. Sure, l have made some poor choices, but haven’t we all. However, no amount of self-pity will make those mistakes go away. I don’t dwell on them and truly believe The Bum Gun bidet sprayer gives me the energy, free from germs and bacteria most people are laden down in life from using toilet paper are faced with every day.

Embrace Your New Life Free From Toilet Paper Bacteria

From a very early age, I was out washing cars, clearing people’s gardens and repairing bicycles before even my high school years. I truly knew the ’employee’ path wasn’t for me, and I wanted my own business. Over that last ten years though, I have stepped up a few gears, and have been putting in 80-100 hour weeks, 52 weeks of the year. Barely a ‘true’ day off goes by. Don’t get me wrong I have loved most of this time, although there have obviously been many challenges and tough times.

But being free from toilet paper germs and bacteria has given me the vitality and drive to crack on towards my goals, day in day out.

After all, we are, as Dr. Maxwell Maltz, the great cosmetic surgeon and self-help teacher said, monstrous mistake-makers, but by our daily choices, we can also be super-powered mistake breakers.

So how has 2015 turned out for you? Have you been just plodding on in life? Happy to keep making the same mistakes, giving the same excuses of being too tired to make a difference in your life, then plod on. But that kind of inaction should scare you.

But if you use your crystal ball, that every one of us has, and you forecast and plan your own future as being better, being different, and being closer to match your dreams and goals, then strive forward. Strive forward with your crystal ball of choice.

Don’t keep living the same old life, make some changes. Improve your hygiene for a start. Eat with better choices. Get enough sleep. Get up 5 minutes earlier and stretch. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Make a few small changes and you WILL see a clear lift in your energy levels. Read a motivation book. Educate yourself to be better at your job, make yourself more employable. If you are self-employed expand your range of skills.

Start Your New Life With The Bum Gun Today

One of the greatest gifts of all is the sunrise. The birth of a new day. A shiny new opportunity to make better choices. If you ignore the beneficial offer of a new day, plod on as normal, repeat a day already lived, learning nothing new, you reject the greatest gift.

You have read this far, so please make better choices as we approach the end of 2015, and you won’t be scared, but embrace a new beginning in your life in 2016.

So make a difference with your personal hygiene, and no better place to start than improving your toilet hygiene with The Bum Gun bidet sprayer.

Visit The Bum Gun online store: TODAY and make that step up change in your life.

Also, make a conscious effort to wash your hands better after every toilet visit. And keep some hand sanitizer around your workplace, car and home.

You’ll be wondering very quickly how you ever put up with nasty toilet paper for so long!!

All the best,


Greg Noland

greg-noland-the-brains-behind-the-bum-gun-bidet-sprayers  P.S.
Just think! “You’ll never again suffer through the pain and hassle of finding out someone has taken the last bit of toilet paper ever again!! This benefit alone is worth the price of one bidet sprayer. Or keep paying big bucks on the regular shop each and every week for the next supply of bum abrasion toilet paper.

So CLICK HERE to get to The Bum Gun Store and start changing your life forever.

OR, email with your request if you don’t like shopping carts and you’ll be done in about 2 1/2 minutes — flat!

You can’t say simpler than that …

Greg Noland

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