Germ Warfare – A Battle Right in the Palm of Your Hand

May 9, 2015 | Family Health, General Health

The Bum Gun Company has been doing our bit in reducing the germs on people’s hands with the effortless bidet sprayer.

If you haven’t yet tried the bum gun you’re in for a massive treat. I swear on my mother’s life that you are going to love this handy little shower hose which you installed next to your toilet.

Don’t you hate that so many people don’t wash their hands after going to the toilet?

I’m sure you do.

Have you ever thought that these people then touch the same toilet door you will after you HAVE washed your hands? Then they touch the buttons in the lift with their germs, the handrail going down the stairs. Then they could touch your office door with sickly germs all over their hands.

It’s no wonder that sickness is so huge in the workplace. Research says more than 50% of people don’t wash their hands properly. Sick!!

But have you ever taken a good, long, hard look at your hands? Chances are they look pretty clean to you, especially if you just washed them, right?

But the truth is that your hands are probably a lot dirtier than you think they are. Let’s take a look at the different things that your hands do during the day and see how dirty they REALLY are.

Germs in the Home:

Let’s see the dangers lurking in your home that you thought was spotless.  Have kids? Just picking up their toys from the floor can transfer nasty germs onto your hands from a spotlessly clean floor.  Your kids touched that toy, which means  their runny nose touched that toy, their hand that touched their butt touched that toy, and if your kids’ friends were over, their friends touched that toy.

Don’t have kids, but have a dog or cat? What was your dog or cat rolling in outside or even inside, like their litter box?  Let’s not forget the famed dog drinking out of the toilet! Yuck!

All your family members been using toilet paper? Have they been washing their hands for a minimum 20 seconds after using toilet paper?

Germs in the Workplace:

Think your desk is spotlessly clean? There are a lot of dangerous spots in the office. Let’s start with the door that leads into the building.  All the other people in that building have touched that door handle. Anyone who has a cold or even just a runny nose has transferred their germs onto that door handle.  If they have kids, chances are their kids’ germs are on it too. Then you get into the elevator, touching the same buttons that everyone else touched, getting your germs on their hands.

So, once you get to your desk and sit down, how clean is your keyboard? Do you wipe it down after you have had a cold or sneezed? If not, those germs you had from that cold are still lingering on your keyboard and they are being transferred to your hands every time you type.

Do others use your keyboard? Does everyone have access to a hand sanitizer in your office? Or do you all just hope for the best?

Germs out Shopping:

This is the best place of all.  Many people don’t realize that when they go grocery shopping that wiping down the shopping cart handle is going to do little good. You may not have kids, but other people do.  Think about all the kids sitting in the carts, some of them still in diapers. Think about the possibility of them sneezing, and wheezing, wiping the snot from their runny noses all over the cart, not just the handle which you so thoughtfully just wiped down. Now you are putting your groceries into the cart that has goodness knows what on it. The food might be protected in bags but your hands aren’t!

So what can we do? – Switch to The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayer

These are just a few of the things that your hands go through during a typical day. Chances are you didn’t think of some of these, or maybe any of them.  But there is one thing that you can do to help your hands avoid some germs, and that is by getting a bidet sprayer. By switching to The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayer the water does all the work and your hands have a few million less germs to worry about.


Best Selling Bum GunIf you are still struggling on with toilet you have no need. I would be very happy to get you sorted out with your very own Titan Bum Gun bidet sprayer.

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make sure your underpants stay clean

Greg Noland

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