Felling 30,000 per day trees for Toilet Paper

Apr 9, 2016 | Eco Friendly, In The News...

Last week while watching National Geographic I found out that one latest figure relating to the amount of trees being felled for toilet paper production was something like 30,000 trees per day. Now I didn’t catch if that figure was for USA, or worldwide. But that is something like 10 million trees per year, which is an enormous amount.

As everyone knows the world’s population is growing out of control so that simply means more bums need cleaning. How many people will be using The Bum Gun? How many of these new people will adopt the archaic practice of wiping with toilet paper?
Can our lands continue to provide enough trees for toilet paper production? We are already at the 7 billion mark. Can we produce enough trees for toilet paper if the population hits 10 billion? If and when it hits 12 billion?

We need to keep our forests to help clean our air, and all the other benefits, right? Not wasted on producing toilet paper to be flushed into sewers while our technology has already moved on to a much more hygienic device in The Bum Gun.

Toilet Usage and Costs

Supposedly the average person uses about 70 sheets of toilet paper per day when using the toilet. If that is true we can work out approximate figures per family.

A typical brand’s 12-pack sells for about £6.24 and has 240 sheets per roll (Waitrose – Andrex Classic White), meaning that it will last a family of five about 8.2 days. That means that family needs to buy about 45 x 12 roll packs per year. This would be a total yearly expenditure of £280.80.

Bear in mind also these figures don’t include:

  • The cost of buying toilet paper every week
  • The time and hassle involved shopping for a bulky item like toilet paper
  • Teenagers, especially females 15+ use much more than the average
  • The distress of forgetting to buy a new pack!!

Environmental Considerations

One tree produces about 45kg or 100 pounds of toilet paper and about 83 million rolls are produced per day. An average European or American uses about 23kg or 50 pounds toilet paper per year which is 50% more than the average in Japan. Approximately 90% of households in Venezuela use some form of a bidet. Hats off to Venezuela for leading the way!


Talking about the issues that we face in the 21st century is very healthy in my opinion. There is no point pretending we don’t have problems we need to deal with.

The Bum Gun might not eliminate the need for toilet paper but will certainly massively help reduce the reliance on it. For anyone who has used The Bum Gun will tell you it also has huge other benefits such as cleanliness and important health benefits with the therapeutic effect of the sprayed water on damaged skin, think rashes and haemorrhoids.

‘Some’, admittedly very few argue that The Bum Gun uses water, so if our whole planet started using The Bum Gun there would be water shortages. However, in reality the consumption is minimal, when compared to the amount of energy, water and chemicals consumed in the production of toilet paper.

Toilet paper production across the globe not only pulps millions of trees, but billions of gallons of water to produce the paper and tons of chlorine for bleaching purposes. The manufacturing process also requires vast quantities of electricity annually. There is the energy and materials involved in packaging and transporting the toilet paper to supermarkets every week, and the energy required to go and buy toilet paper across the globe.

Are You Ready For An Improvement in Your Quality of Life?

Treat yourself & your planet to The Bum Gun.

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Greg Noland

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