Farting IS Good For Your Health!

May 28, 2016 | Family Health

It’s official! Finally! Thousands of, well, mostly males are now free of the burden of breaking wind.

For so long, their nasty bottom blowing has been frowned upon, especially by their girlfriends, wives or significant others.

But no longer do you have to feel bad, feel you have done something wrong, or feel rude or dirty.

According to a new British study, passing gas may help you live longer and, in a surprise twist, smelling gas might prevent dementia. (Are you serious??)

Researchers found that when you pass wind, you’re helping yourself out by lowering your risk of cancer, heart attacks, and even strokes.

So how does this all work??

And, the main ingredient in it is hydrogen sulfate. Researchers believe Inhaling it actually causes your brain to grow stronger and protects your brain from dementia.

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I told you I only bring you the most vital health news on the interweb!!

Have a great weekend!


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Greg Noland

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