Do you make this mistake with your family?

Dec 16, 2019 | Best Gift Ever, Christmas 2019, The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayers

Do you make this mistake with your family’s quality of life?

I hear this costly mistake often. 

Misguided people. 

Haven’t thought things through. 

And the consequence is their quality of life diminishes. 

And do you know what is worse?

Their family suffers. And more important…

Is your family suffering?

Last night I met a charming bloke from New York. 

Let’s call him, Douglas. 

I asked him if he used The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayer. 

His answer…

“I want to. I have a few friends who bought one. They rave about it all the time.”

“So what the heck is stopping you trying The Bum Gun Douglas?”

“I’m worried about wasting water!”

“Jeez Louise, Douglas.”

“While I commend you for being concerned about wasting water…I bet two simple questions will quash your misconception about The Bum Gun wasting water. And if I’m wrong, I’ll give you our best-selling Titan bidet sprayer for free.”

“That’s a deal Bum Gun Man,” Douglas eagerly replied.

“OK Dougie boy, are you ready for question one?”

“Sure, fire away.”

“OK, do you turn off the tap when brushing your teeth?”

“I try to. But if I’m honest not every time.”

“How often do you leave the tap running, Dougie?”

“I’d guess about 50% of the time. I know it’s bad.”

“So why do it Doug?”

“I guess I’ve always been like that.”

“Crikey Doug. And How Old Are You?”


“So Doug. You penalise yourself by not getting your most sacred parts of your body clean after using the toilet because you’re afraid of wasting water. But you admittedly waste gallons of water, probably hundreds of gallons every week just when brushing your teeth.”

“Dang. I never thought about it like that.”

“It’s gonna get worse Dougie.”

“Yikes Greg…”

“Question 2 Doug. Do you turn off the shower when you are lathering up?”

“OMG! No never. Didn’t even cross my mind. EVER!! But thinking about it now…that makes perfect sense Greg.”

“Don’t worry Doug. Most people don’t turn off the water. But when I make them aware… They are gobsmacked like you.”

“It’s a no brainer really Greg. I feel so stupid now. Why the heck have I been so dumb to not try The Bum Gun. And just be more conscious of all my water use?”

“No worries Doug. I’ll get your order sorted right away. Welcome to The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayer Family!”

Final Thoughts…

So there you have it. 

Another person saved from nasty toilet paper. 

And you can be next.  

Hit the link below and save all your family from toilet paper pain, discomfort & expense… 

And VIP your family’s personal hygiene in 2020 and beyond. 

Looking forward to taking care of all your bidet sprayer needs…

Greg “Saving You From Toilet Paper” Noland

Greg Noland

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