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Dec 7, 2022 | Best Gift Ever, Special Offer

“Discover How To Get ‘Shower Fresh’ Clean After Every Poop With The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayer”

How would you like to do something very special for your loved ones​?

As you are a valued visitor to The Bum Gun website, I try my best to inform you of special offers and promotions.

And because I value your time, I need you to spend a couple of minutes reading this short blog post.

I promise it will be worth your while.

You know you are a special person, right? A very smart person?

So, do you know toilet paper is NOT getting your body clean?


Toilet paper is just smearing most of “it’ off.

But you’ll NEVER get properly clean smearing with toilet paper.

Don’t you think you work far too hard to be still putting up with toilet paper in the 21st century?

I thought so.

And here’s the truth…

I bet you love taking a refreshing shower after getting all sweaty.

I bet you like your breath being all fresh and minty.

I bet you like having clean hands.

I bet you agree washing your fruit and vegetables before eating is important.

And I bet you don’t rub your sweaty body with toilet paper.

I bet you don’t rub your teeth with toilet paper…

And I bet…

Oh, well, you get the point.

So why are you still trying to get your private area clean with toilet paper?


I’m sure you have tons of friends, family members and colleagues who are still struggling with toilet paper too.

And that’s something I want to help with.

In fact, it’s a burning passion of mine that often keeps me awake at night…

Because I think it’s completely wrong that people are still using toilet paper in the 21st century.

Yet, I don’t know the million-dollar answer to this issue.

But I do know one thing…

Since 2012, I’ve been trying to help as many people as possible discover The Bum Gun.

It hasn’t been easy.

For the past 10+ years, I’ve rarely finished work before midnight…

Scratching my head how to help more people…


Mr Zuck alone has sucked a ton of money in Facebook advertising that never saw a sniff of a positive ROI.

But I’m in this for the long haul…

And here’s the thing…

My ultimate mission is to change the way people in the west take care of their business after a no.2.

Because I want to leave the world in a better place than when I found it in 1970.

Look, I know I’m not an expert salesman.

I’m not an expert marketer.

I’m just a regular guy who had a very severe problem with toilet paper pain and discomfort over many years when I was young.

And I was lucky to find The Bum Gun solution whilst on a trip to Asia in the 1990s.

Now, I want to help you discover the same solution…

Because I sincerely believe everyone deserves The Bum Gun in their bathrooms.

And now we have the wretched Covid-19 to deal with, The Bum Gun is even more important.

So here’s the deal…

I’m willing to give you just over 25% discount on my best selling bidet sprayer and 3 way valve.

So here’s what you need to do:

  1. Forward this blog post to your best friends, family members and colleagues. Add a little note encouraging them to take action.
  2. You can also order a Titan set for another bathroom.
  3. Or you can order another Titan set as a spare.
  4. And you can also buy a Titan bidet sprayer set as the perfect gift for anyone important to you.


I can’t stand knowing you and your family are still putting up with toilet paper.

You deserve better.

You use WATER to clean every other inch of your body…

Why not your most precious crown jewels?

And here I am encouraging you to invest in your first Bum Gun (or next).

So this is your chance to make a positive difference in your life and someone dear to you. 

Hit the link below to take you to the order page.

Looking forward to hearing how much you LOVE The Bum Gun! 

Order Link >> The Bum Gun Promotion

If you’re interested in saving over 25% with this Bum Gun Promotion, hit the link below to take you to the order page.

Order Link >>> The Bum Gun Promotion


Grab This Offer And I Promise You’ll Enjoy Every Bathroom Trip Way More!!


Greg Noland

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