Did The Bum Gun Commission ‘The Flying Bum’ Aircraft?

Jul 2, 2016 | In The News...

The flying bum is a huge piece of engineering. Measuring 302ft or 92 metres it is the world’s longest air machine. It’s surprising to think this monster could even take off from the ground.

After all, it’s not going to have a massive runway to pick up speed.

I think this looks like a cross between old zeppelin airship and something the Russians could have designed.

You know what they are like for constructing massive aircraft.

But this ‘super bum’ was in fact designed and built in little ‘ol England, actually in a hanger in Bedfordshire to be exact.

But I just read that the UK government is going to help make sure this project becomes a reality with a chunky wad of cash to the tune of a £3.4 million ($5.25 million) grant.


Did The Bum Gun Commission This Aircraft As a Publicity Stunt?

Numerous people have asked me if I was behind the idea to design and build this aircraft as a canny way to promote The Bum Gun bidet sprayers.

While, I think it would be a huge publicity stunt, and help drive the message to millions of people that ‘toilet paper is nasty’ and ‘people deserve a cleaner healthier’ option after their toilet visits in 2016, I can clearly say I had nothing to do with it.

Heck, of course I didn’t. This huge aircraft cost a fortune.

But I was curious as to why someone would want to build this massive flying bum.

So I did some scooting around.


The Kim Kardashian of all rear ended aircraft

“The Flying Ass’craft” was originally designed for surveillance and reconnaissance for the American army. But I believe the UK government is hoping to use it to transport cargo on the cheap.

This Kim Kardashian of all rear ended aircraft, can carry around 20,000 pounds of cargo for up to five days at a time without landing. It is also 10-20% cheaper than a helicopter to operate.

What Has Iron Maiden Got to Do With The Flying Bum?

Last year, Bruce Dickinson, lead singer of Iron Maiden and a high-profile investor in the aircraft, compared the ship to Thunderbird 2 and described it as a ‘game changer.’

Bruce Dickinson also thinks ‘the flying anus’ will be able to cross the Atlantic and launch things right where they need to be.

‘It can reach about 100mph and stay airborne for about three-and-a-half weeks.’

So Why Was This Aircraft Designed Like An Ass?

The reason is quite simple. The shape of an ass actually is a uniquely aerodynamic shape.

This means it can also create lift just like an aeroplane wing. The cambered shape provides up to 40% of the vehicle’s lift.

This allowed engineers to make the machine heavier than air, removing the need for crew to hang onto ropes to hold it down.

British Design At Its Best

The aircraft is powered by four 350 hp, four litre V8 direct injection, turbocharged diesel engines. Two engines mounted forward on the hull and two on the stern of the hull for cruise operation.

The plan is that the Airlander 10 will eventually lead to the development of the Airlander 50, which would be able to transport 50 tonnes of freight.

The huge aircraft combines the best of aeroplane, airship and helicopter design. HAV believes there could be a world market for between 600 and 1,000 of these aircraft.

For the time being, the company plans to produce around 10 a year for the next four or five years.

This is great news because this will lead to the creation of nearly 2,000 jobs.

‘The growing aerospace sector has the potential to generate thousands of new jobs and billions of pounds to the UK economy in contracts.

This is an excellent British invention by a company which can help the world and surely has the potential to lead the world in the design and construction of ‘Flying Bums.’



Always Dedicated to Your Awesome Life,

Greg Noland

Author, CEO & Founder

The Bum Gun Ltd


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