Consumer confusion over ‘flushable’ wet wipes

Dec 1, 2019 | Eco Friendly, General Health, In The News..., The Environment

Countless people are confused about whether it’s ok to flush wet wipes, so we thought we should find out more…

So back in April of this year we surveyed 2,769 British school children aged 15–19 to find out what they thought the word “flushable” means.

When asked, “If a pack of disposable wet wipes is labelled as ‘flushable’, would you expect the wipes to not cause any blocking or clogging of the toilet?” 82% of the students we asked answered yes. 74% said that they would expect these products to disintegrate “just like they think toilet paper does”.

For the average joe, as our research shows, flushable claims are somewhat confusing. The massive toilet paper corporations spout crap like “dispersible” and “biodegradable”, while the water industry urges the public to NEVER flush wipes down the toilet.

Plumber Jason Black is blunt: “To call these flushable is insane … they’re not breaking down and in some cases not even moving out of the pipes. I’ve been doing this job for 30 years and wipes are now causing the worst blockages I’ve ever seen.”

Let’s face it the huge corporations making these wet wipes know you don’t want to put these wet wipes in the bin when they are covered in the mucky stuff.

They know you won’t buy them if they put appropriate warnings on all their labels “PLEASE DO NOT FLUSH THESE WET WIPES AS THEY WILL BLOCK THE SEWERS COSTING ALL OF US MILLIONS OF POUNDS EVERY YEAR”

Do you think they would be that responsible?

Of course not. They just wanna make huge profits, and be dammed with the environmental costs.

So it is up to you..

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Greg Noland

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