Bizarre lesson from the Avengers movie

May 15, 2019 | Family Health, General Health, Special Offer

Here’s a bizarre lesson from the Avengers movie for you.

WARNING: Potential Spoiler Alert Warning:

This is about a part of the new Avengers movie, it will spoil the movie if you haven’t seen it.

Perhaps you have no desire to watch the Avengers. Even so, this will still be relevant to you…

Let’s get started…

If you’ve been following The Bum Gun blog for the last 6 or 7 years, you’ll know I’m a strong advocate of helping you feel worthy of yourself.

There’s not much more important than valuing yourself.

I believe if you change your internal sense of self-worth, the world around you will recognize that and start treating you better because of it.

There’s an interesting scene in the new Avengers movie that is a pretty perfect example of this fact.

Weird though was that it was perhaps my worst part of the movie until I read the details after the movie.

You see, at the end of the movie, the Avengers are engaged in a massive battle against Thanos (the bad dude) and his army. Captain America, Thor and Ironman are trying to battle with Thanos without much luck.

Thor has his new weapon Stormbreaker AND his old hammer Mjolnir. At one point in the fight he loses his hammer.

In the whole of the Avengers movies Thor has been the only one who can wield Mjolnir. There’s one scene where everyone tries to lift it, no one can even make it budge. Except for Captain America, who gets a slight wiggle from the hammer.

Thor laughs it off…but you can tell he’s a little weird about it.

Back to the battle…

Thor loses Mjolnir and then suddenly, out of nowhere, Mjolnir flies into the hands of Captain America.

It’s an epic moment in the whole of the movie.

Now he has his shield AND Thor’s hammer.

This bothered me.

In my mind, I’m thinking “Who the hell is Captain America to wield the hammer of a god? He’s nowhere near as powerful as Thor.”

I’m a HUGE Thor fan if you didn’t realize. Stretching far back into the late 1970s when I used to deliver the Thor comics on my paper round before school.

Even though it was freezing outside, and almost pitch black. I knew which houses ordered the Thor comic. I would delve inside the comic with eager anticipation, while shivering on a cold concrete step engrossed in at least one Thor story, before the cold became unbearable. And I had to pop the comic in the letter box and continue with my paper round.

Ok, back to the movie…It just seemed out of place and weird to me to see Captain America with the mighty Mjolnir. Why can he suddenly do this?

But once I read the explanation, it was a huge slap upside the head.

See, Mjolnir doesn’t choose who can wield it based on power, or strength, or intelligence, or genetics, birthright, or anything like that.

Mjolnir can only be wielded by those who are worthy.

At that moment on the battlefield, Mjolnir deems Captain America worthy. He’s finally ready for the Hammer of Thor.

The world works in a similar way.

Are you worthy of wielding Mjolnir?

The external world around us – the people we do business with, our wife or husband, our buddies – they can sense when we feel worthy of their love, respect, business, or whatever else.

But the world around you will never truly shape itself to serve you until you deem yourself worthy.

It starts with you. It starts WITHIN you. When you have your own sense of self-worth that comes from inside yourself, the world will take notice.

It’s almost like there are sensors that go off…

World: “Tony finally feels worthy. Let’s look after him. Let’s throw him some good luck, some cash and a good dose of love and health. Let’s make sure his outside circumstances match his sense of worth.”

That may sound insane and cheesy to you. That’s ok. You have a right to think that.

But I can tell you from experience that the Universe seems to start conspiring for you when you feel worthy.

I know there are countless other people who can attest to the same thing happening to them.

The lesson is relatively simple.

Change the world inside yourself and the world outside of you will change to accommodate your new sense of self-worth.

Or you can fight your hardest to control the world around you to make yourself happy and contented. See how well that works out while you’re still fighting the bacteria from your toilet paper.

The Universe can’t help you out if you continually neglect one of the basics of mankind – ‘Effective Personal Hygiene’.

Test drive The Bum Gun bidet sprayer today and start giving yourself the self-worth you deserve.

Dedicated to improving personal hygiene,

Greg “Feeling Worthy” Noland

P.S: It’s in my professional opinion, that it’s very hard to value yourself if you’re walking around most of the day with traces of excrement smeared around the most intimate parts of your body. You deserve MUCH better in your life. Your family deserve better. Invest today to rapidly improve the quality of your life.

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Greg Noland

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