Autumn Cleaning Tips for Inside Your Home

Nov 21, 2017 | Home Maintenance, Home Repair

Autumn Cleaning Tips for Inside Your Home


HOT Cleaning


Do you always do spring cleaning?

Perhaps you don’t bother with a thorough cleaning before autumn hits…

But I reckon it’s equally important.

It’s time to put away all of the outdoor sports gear and get ready for the cold weather and plenty of time sitting inside cuddling by the fireplace.

Getting your home clean and in tip-top shape before the cold really settles in will make you enjoy your living space that much more.

Plus, it will make the major autumn and winter holidays much easier to prepare for.

No worries about a filthy dishwasher that guests will see if you have already given it a good scrubbing well beforehand.

So let’s get down to work – here’s what you need to clean up inside the home…

Time to get those little jobs done.

You know you need to, right?

Start in your Kitchen

It’s the heart of the home. When you have guests over, everyone congregates in the kitchen. So you want it to be spotless and company ready.

1.Start with the refrigerator

Give it a good scrubbing. Take out the drawers and wash them. Get the door gasket too; lots of stuff can accumulate there that you don’t even notice.

Check those condiments while you have everything out to make sure nothing is past its date. You don’t want to inadvertently get someone sick with an expired food item in your fridge. Get out the vacuum and clean out the coils on the back and bottom of the refrigerator. This will keep the refrigerator running efficiently.


2.Clean your stove.

Give it a good thorough cleaning. Self-clean if you have that option on your stove.

If not, then you’ll be doing it the old-fashioned way with EASY-OFF and some good ol’ elbow grease.

Get the stove top and clean the drip pans real good.

Also spend some time on the range hood. Get all of that grease cleaned up to prevent a fire. Pull the stove out and clean up those dust bunnies and the grime that accumulates on and behind the stove.



I know it says wash right in the name, so why would you need to clean it?

Well, think of all that food it has been cleaning off your plates.

There is going to be particle build-up, so a little baking soda and a damp sponge will take care of that build-up and deodorize as well.


4.Clean and Organize your Garage

After spending all summer on the go, things have probably been getting dropped right in the garage. Plus, all of the summer toys are out and it’s time to put that stuff away and get the winter toys out.

You will want to get all of the items organized with your gardening tools in one area, toys in another (separated by season), and anything else you have been storing in the garage.

Utilize your wall space by putting up shelves or hooks to hang things on. Bikes can be put up off the ground. You will want to keep hazardous materials either locked up in a cabinet or up on a shelf so no children get into them.

Clean up all of those outdoor gardening tools before you store them. Get the lawn mower drained of gas and stored. Take the time to check on your snow blower and make sure it’s in good working order before the season starts. Take stock of what you have for winter.

Having a clean organized garage will make it safe and keep your items in good shape. Not to mention easy to find when you need them.


5.Keep Pollen and Bugs at Bay

Since we’re getting prepared to be closed up tight inside the house, this gives a lot of chance for pollen and bugs to collect. So now is the time to make sure everything is as clean as it can be.


6. Don’t Forget Your Bedding

Get all of the bedding washed in very hot water. This kills dust mites and other bugs that could be living in it. Keep washing the bedding throughout the season. This should be done once a week.


7. Give Your Carpets A Makeover

Shampoo the carpets and vacuum them real good. This is best done with a fresh vacuum bag in the vacuum.


8. Careful With Your Curtains and Blinds

Cleaning your curtains can be tough if they are hard to reach, so please be CAREFUL!

If you can, check the labels first!! Curtains can often be cleaned in your washing machine on a very hot water wash.

Your blinds are usually easier to clean, and can be wiped down with a mild soap and water.

I saw a very nifty device in Home Depot the other day, which was like big padded tweezers to clean the slats of the blinds easily…

9. You Don’t Want Your Heater Bustin’ In The Middle of Winter

Get it serviced now.


10. My Favourite Room of The House – Bathroom

Make sure you give you Bum Gun a good clean.

A damp cloth and a few drops of vinegar can keep your stainless bidet sprayer clean and spanking new.

If it’s been a while, change the washers to prevent drips coming in the middle of winter.

Our washers are tested to perform for over 10 years, but won’t hurt changing them after 2 or 3 years to be sure.

Contact me for free replacements if you think you need some.

If you live in a bad limescale area, you might need to disconnect your Bum Gun and check there isn’t any build up inside.

Also, make sure you clean all surfaces that accumulate water in your bathroom, like your shower and around the bath.

Might be time to replace your shower curtain if it’s particularly nasty…

Final Thoughts on These Autumn Cleaning Tips For Your Home…

Keeping your house clean and in order during autumn will prevent any nasty surprises in the middle of winter.

You don’t want to have to go to the hardware store to fix an emergency in the dead of winter, if you can prevent it now…

Best of luck..

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