Are You Still Doing Your Laundry in Cold Water?

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In my book, ‘31 Shocking Health Misconceptions About The Bum Gun’ I mention the bacteria which could be swimming about in your washing machine if you are still using toilet paper. Which is why the post below grabbed my attention. You can read it in a moment, but first…

Here’s an extract from page 3 of my book explaining what could possibly be floating around inside your washing machine:


Why Are We Talking About Poop?

Let’s talk crap. Whoops, there I said it. O.K i know it’s a bit of a taboo subject, but you’ve got to admit there have been times when you must have wondered why we are all forced to wipe our private parts continually until we think we are clean (and basically smear) instead of using water to wash our most delicate bits properly.

“Did you know there is at least 0.1 gram of faecal matter in the average pair of underwear of a toilet paper user?”

If you think 0.1 grams doesn’t seem like much, do you realise that would equate to 100 million E. coli bacteria floating around in your washing machine? If you’re washing five pairs of underpants, then make that 500 million E. coli bacteria floating around among your blouses, and handkerchiefs.


If you still haven’t downloaded your copy, why not grab it now. The book is currently free on Amazon:

From time to time I receive emails from clients interested in improving the whole cleaning process with The Bum Gun. Some feel that the water should be hot, well at least warm to have a better chance of cleaning off the bacteria after their toilet visit.

Some believe that shooting a jet of cold water isn’t going to be enough, and say they’ll stick to toilet paper until I can design a Bum Gun which has hot water, and a squirt of detergent all rolled into one sprayer.

I find their argument a bit strange to say the least.

“They stick to smearing around with toilet paper because they think my current Bum Gun models are not the perfect invention just yet.”

I remind them that they are totally able to install their Bum Gun with a warm water mixer if they wish. This technology has been around for a long while. Here is a link to just one warm water mixer recommended by professional plumbers and installers of The Bum Gun:

Along with a warm water mixer to be used with The Bum Gun, there is nothing wrong with using a bit of ‘detergent’, ie soap when you are using The Bum Gun. A soap dish can easily be installed instead of, or above your existing toilet roll holder.

And for those who don’t have access to soap, a properly installed Bum Gun should have the power to blast off every last bit of what is necessary. Giving you a far superior clean to anything toilet paper could ever do.

But why not fit a soap dish and give yourself all the kit you will need for a proper ‘shower fresh clean’ all day long?

Oh, before I forget here is that article on how to do your laundry which will give you a better overall clean, save you time, save you money, and be eco-friendly.


Doing laundry in cold water will save you loads

 Tide Coldwater Clean cleans up in our tests

Want to pay nothing for laundry detergent this year? Start washing your clothes in cold water. It could save you $60 or so in energy costs (or more if you live in a state with higher-than-average electricity rates), which should just about cover the cost of your detergent, assuming you do the average 300 loads of laundry per year. But you’ll need to reach for the right detergent, based on Consumer Reports’ latest laundry detergent tests.

We just put Tide Coldwater Clean, 25 cents per load, through the ringer, setting our laboratory washing machine to 60° F, instead of the usual 75° F. Like other cold water detergents, this Tide is formulated with special ingredients that are designed to work at lower water temperatures. It lived up to the promise, vanquishing blood, chocolate ice cream, grass, and other tough stains in our tests.

The Tide Coldwater Clean we tested is intended for high-efficiency washers. There’s also a version designed for conventional washers that’s done well in past tests. It says on the Tide website that both detergents can also be used in warm and hot water. We didn’t test it that way, but in the past we’ve seen a slight drop off in performance when we’ve tested cold water detergents in warmer water. So our advice is to stick with the cold water, especially if you’re hoping to reap lower energy costs, along with clean clothes.

You can grab the link here if it interests you:





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