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If you’re looking for a cleaner option to nasty toilet paper, you’ll be happy to know there is a smarter, cleaner option.

But more about that in a minute…

For generations we’ve all known water is the smartest option to get us feeling clean and fresh. But the toilet paper corporations have spent billions trying to convince you their products are the best choice.

Yes, all those fluffy puppies captured our hearts and did a great job convincing us toilet paper was so soft, so useful AND the only option for cleaning our bodies after using the toilet.

What they don’t want you to know is water will get you much cleaner than toilet paper ever could.

This is where The Bum Gun bidet sprayer comes to your rescue.

But these toilet paper corporations have got endless pockets so they have spent even more money to hide this better, safer, cheaper and cleaner option from you.

So what did they do to fight bidet sprayer technology?

They started convincing you that you needed wet wipes. But you might have known they are bad for the environment, so what did these multi-billionaires do to hide the truth from you?

They changed the name. And started calling them ‘Disposable’ wet wipes.

But, and this is a huge BUT – These wet wipes are NOT ‘Disposable’. Not good for the environment, and will NEVER get you as clean as water.

So why do these mega corporations want to hide the real facts from you?

One simple reason. Their profits.

They don’t want you to use water to wash your body or they won’t make millions and millions of dollars in profits.

So they have been very busy protecting their profits with convincing advertising to safe guard their huge bank accounts.

While you and your family have to struggle on using their nasty profits, sucking up your hard earned money.

BUT it doesn’t have to be like this.

This video will hopefully show you that their trickery to hide the truth about wet wipes will not work any longer.

To help you get started with your own Bum Gun bidet sprayer I want to share with you this Irresistible Offer. Two x Titan bidet sprayers and two x 3 way valves for the low price of £150.00, delivery included, free gifts included.

Click on the link below and prepare to radically improve the quality of your life, each and every time you and your family use the bathroom.



greg-noland-australia-ceoAlways Dedicated to Your Awesome Life,

Greg Noland

Author, CEO & Founder

The Bum Gun Ltd

Greg Noland

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