Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Family’s Health?

Nov 19, 2015 | Family Health, General Health

Do you know how many sick days are lost from work and education through poor hygiene? Let me tell you, it is massive.

How Many People Actually Wash Their Hands After Using Toilet Paper?

Most people only use a thickness of a few sheets to wipe themselves after the toilet. But research tells us that the germs in ‘poop’ comes through as many as 10 sheets of toilet paper. So correct hand hygiene has never been more important.

Or upgrade to bathroom bidet sprayers for a much more productive and healthier 2016 for you and all your family.

Do you know the consequences of using toilet paper and poor hand hygiene?

So many nasty illnesses start with poor hand hygiene. Salmonella, campylobacter, MRSA, flu, diarrhea and sickness, the common cold, impetigo, are just some of the viruses and infections passed between people who do not wash their hands.

Your children are most likely to get very ill from poor hand hygiene. The elderly can potentially die from food borne illnesses caused by bacteria and viruses. The unfortunate part is that many of these illnesses can be prevented by proper hand washing.

Basic Skin Hygiene Facts

Hands are the single most effective method of spreading germs. But over 50% of all workers do not know the basics of hand washing.

At least 40 percent of workers do not wash their hands often, or long enough, to protect against the spread of germs.

Approximately 65 percent of maintenance and construction workers and 47 percent of office workers wash their hands less than five times a day. The average hand washing duration is less than 10 seconds, missing important places where germs are usually found. These areas being under your fingernails and on the backs of your hands.

Since our hands are responsible for the spread of over 80% of common infectious diseases, effective hand hygiene, coupled with the reduction in use of toilet paper, is the smartest, most cost-effective means of infection control in the workplace. Billions would be saved in lost productivity just by replacing toilet paper with bidet sprayers for the toilet.

How Can Bathroom Mini Sprayers Help Your Children Health and Hygiene?

Well, for a start sprayers put a barrier between nasty bacteria and your children’s hands. If they are not forced to use toilet paper, then their hands will not come into contact with as much bacteria usually associated with toilet paper. Yes, you still need to educate your children on correct hand washing practices. But the smart choice of using a shattaf sprayer, as they are sometimes called, will eradicate a lot of the germs in the first place.

The Added Benefits of Bathroom Toilet Sprayers

Of course the benefits related to using bathroom hose sprayers are not only about a reduction in bacteria. The abrasions caused by toilet paper on your children’s young skin can be ever so painful. Why would you want to continue putting them through this paid, when a refreshing jet of water from a bidet-sprayer can cleanse them properly in seconds, without the painful abrasions?

Finally, think about the massive savings you will make on your weekly shopping bill when you do not have to buy massive packs of jumbo toilet roll anymore.

Make a difference to your family’s health and productivity in 2016.

Don’t throw away your chance of improving on your children’s health, hygiene and general well-being for the price of a small meal for two people. Toilet paper has had a good run, but using water has always been the best option for cleaning our bodies. Check out The Bum Gun Online Store today.

Article Source:
Greg Noland

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