Any buyers for £1 million London toilet?

Jan 7, 2016 | In The News...

What would you buy if you had £1 million spare?

Any buyers for £1 million London toilet?

There are many things you could buy with £1 million. Wouldn’t the decisions making be fun if you had that kind of money spare.

super stylish 35m luxury yacht GaudeamusPerhaps your £1 million could get you a 20 room manor house in Somerset, or a small apartment in a fancy part of London? Maybe the massive problems London is facing would make you look further afield. How about a luxury cottage in the Yorkshire Dales or a converted church in Manchester?
If you are less of a land lover what about the super stylish 35m luxury yacht Gaudeamus?

luxury-mansion-essendon-melbourne-australiaIf you’d rather spend your money outside of the UK, how about a dream home in Essendon in Melbourne’s northwest? With its beautiful Victorian and Edwardian architecture, and home to some of the city’s finest private schools, you could start a new life.

If you could not leave dear old London, do you fancy owning a former London toilet in the east end?

Well if you do, you’ll have to fork out a tidy sum. One such toilet has just gone on sale for £1 million quid.

There’s a lot you can do with £1 million quid, so I can’t see the local council being able to find a buyer.

However, the underground toilet is being marketed as a potential venue for a restaurant or a bar, despite having only 600 square feet of floor space and room for up to 60 customers.

The toilet was already converted into a nightclub called Public Life in the early 2000s. However, it was shut down by the local council in early 2012 after a bunch of complaints about drug and anti-social behaviour.

However, if the former toilet was turned into a café or small pub, they’d have to sell a ton of grog just to get their money back, never mind reach a profit.

It’s always interesting though when properties like this come on the market. However, it is obviously more appealing if there is a chance someone might make good use of this space rather than some ridiculous price being asked, and nothing comes of it.

It is little spots like this that make London great, so it would be a massive shame if no buyer can be found due to the high price.

Then what happens next? It gets vandalized. It becomes an eyesore, and another bit of London slowly deteriorates.

It is located opposite the redeveloped Spitalfields Market and in the heart of east London’s nightlife scene.

I did see a similar kind of property come on the market a few years ago, so I googled it to see how it’s doing.

Thankfully, a property popped up which was also a former toilet at Kentish Town, on the corner of Highgate Rd, in London NW5.

Sounds like it’s going ok. So perhaps the owners are not throwing money down the toilet unlike toilet paper users. Boom boom!!



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