Amazon Refuses To Pay $1.5bn in US Tax

Sep 4, 2017 | In The News...

So it isn’t just in the UK Amazon manages to wangle itself free of what it should pay in tax.

In a recent US court ruling, some nutty US judge reckons it’s ok for Amazon to siphon off profits through to Luxembourg.

Had Amazon lost, reports are rife all the Amazon management would be in tears.

And poor old Jeff Bezos would surely have been suicidal.

For heaven’s sake, how would he pay for his new Starship Enterprise if he had to pay tax like the rest of us?

Yes, the Amazon boss recently topped the Forbes richest in the world list with $83.3, but that by no means he should pay tax. Right?


But should he pay more than you and me?

Perhaps not, maybe yes.

But please Jeff pay at least what we are paying!!

And why not just start paying 30% and we can talk about the rest later.


If Amazon had lost this recent court case, reports from the big orange one say it would have put extreme pressure on their business.

Tax liabilities are par for the course. And significant tax liabilities, just like what Amazon are being asked to pay are due to its unfair advantage in the market place.

Of course, if you don’t need to pay tax, you can undercut everyone else by between 20 and 30% who are paying their taxes.

No one minds a fair fight in the business world.

But surely we should all be playing on a level playing field.

That would be fair, right?

So please think about us British businesses next time you think about buying online from Amazon.

We deliver to your door as well you know?

And often we will give you a longer warranty, as is the case with The Bum Gun bidet sprayers, compared to most of the junk available on Amazon.

Ok, not all of them are junk, but you just need to look through the 1 star and 2 star reviews where the Amazon sprayers are leaking after less than 6 months, and invariably around the 3 to 4 week mark.

Be careful, please.

The bidet sprayer is a fantastic invention, and one invention YOU really do NEED in your household.

This invention is not a luxury, it is a necessity if personal hygiene is high on the importance list in your family.

Well, of course it is.

With Amazon avoiding this huge tax bill of $1.5bn (£1.2bn), they are pushing all us small businesses further and further behind the 8 ball.

And it’s not like they can’t afford to pay tax. Forbes tells us their profits last year were in the billions.

Yes, that was ‘billions of profit’ – not millions.

I know Amazon are not the only ones siphoning profits through Luxembourg, as other global companies such as Pepsi and Apple are also attached by this massive tax haven offering heavy discounts on corporate taxes.

But fair it is not.

Will Donald Trump level the playing field? Let’s hope so.

Jeff Bezos must surely get down off his high horse and start paying his fair share.


Take advantage of the superior quality of the Titan Bum Gun bidet sprayer and truly make a difference in the lives of your loved ones, forever!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Greg Noland

CEO & Founder

The Bum Gun Ltd

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Greg Noland

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