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A Bidet Sprayer Offers Health Benefits for the Whole Family

May 10, 2013 | Family Health, General Health, The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayers

Many people are becoming wise to the environmental impact that toilet paper has. But here we are going to go beyond the environmental impact that is associated with eliminating toilet paper. We are going to look at the personal reasons that people should use bidet sprayers rather than toilet paper. As you will see from the examples below, everyone in the family can benefit from using a bidet sprayer rather than using toilet paper to clean themselves.

How a bidet sprayer helps women

Women often feel as if they are never clean enough, and they use all kinds of different things to help get themselves clean.  Unfortunately, things such as toilet paper and even wet wipes don’t do the kind of work that an invigorating pulse of water from a bidet sprayer can do.

Whether a woman is looking for a way to feel cleaner after she has a bowel movement, while she has her period, or after having intercourse, the bidet sprayer can do the work that toilet paper and wet wipes can’t do. A bidet sprayer also helps with alleviating the problems after pregnancy, like constipation, bleeding and soreness, and rashes.

How a bidet sprayer helps men

Although men don’t have the same kinds of problems that women do, such as having a period, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t concerned about being clean. Men often have issues such as constipation, hemorrhoids, and itching in their rectal area that can be helped greatly by a bidet sprayer.  Many men enjoy a spicy curry or a good few beers which can lead to frequent trips to the bathroom. This is when the bidet sprayer is massively helpful.

How a bidet sprayer helps children

Something that any parent will tell you is that children are always coming down with something and they’re more likely to get viruses since they are surrounded by other kids.  They are often getting into something that’s not clean.  With a bidet sprayer, however, some of the germs that children come into contact with are eliminated. Not only that, but bidet sprayers help children get much cleaner than they would simply by wiping, helping their underwear to stay cleaner and reducing the amount of stains that need to be washed out.

Bidet sprayers even help with the littlest of children. If you are using cloth diapers, you can use the bidet sprayer to clean the feces out of the cloth diapers and make them much cleaner for the next wearing.

Besides the reasons given above, it can be sometimes difficult to find a type of toilet paper that everyone in the house will enjoy using.  Not only that, but sometimes people can also have allergic reactions to certain kinds of toilet paper. That is why it’s better to eliminate toilet paper altogether and go with using bidet sprayers. They offer health benefits for men, women, and children, they help you with saving money, and they get you cleaner than ever before.

Want to be cleaner, healthier and happier when it comes to your time in the bathroom and your children? Then a bidet sprayer is one investment that you should make. For a cleaner, healthier, happier household, it’s the best choice.

Greg Noland

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