“Discover The Secret Weapon Millions Of Asians Use

To Get ‘Shower Fresh’ Clean After Every Toilet Visit”

You work far too hard to be putting up with toilet paper in 2020.

Hi, my name’s Greg. All through my childhood and teen years, I was fed up with feeling nasty after using rough old toilet paper. And often in excruciating pain as the abrasive toilet paper tore my skin.

I dreamed of finding a better solution. Thankfully, while on a trip to Asia, I discovered a superior device called The Bum Gun bidet sprayer.

Now, I can’t live without it.

Today, it’s your turn to experience the delight this mini-shower can provide.

There’s one thing I am certain about.

You will NEVER (willingly) return to toilet paper after discovering the effectiveness of The Bum Gun.

No one does.


Here’s what Austin Powers has to say…

Imagine What It Will Feel Like

To Never Have To Worry About

Toilet Paper Pain… and Discomfort Ever Again…


Before wasting your hard earned money on flimsy plastic sprayers from Amazon or ebay, which often crack and split within weeks of purchase. Then leak all over your floor.

Discover the benefits of investing in the ‘Real Deal’ Stainless Steel Bidet Sprayers from The Bum Gun With Our Iron Clad 5-Year Warranty!

5 Year Warranty

Enjoy our long warranty so you get years of trouble-free use.

60 Day Trial

If you really believe toilet paper gets you cleaner after 60 days testing The Bum Gun, simply return your bum gun with his tail between his legs, for your money back.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy peace of mind, during your testing phase, and for years after, knowing we have your back covered.

Save Your Hard-Earned Money

You don’t need to waste your hard earned money on toilet paper anymore, or at least save 80%.

Save Your Tender Bits

You’ll probably find the tenderness of the water jet one of the biggest advantages over rough old toilet paper.

Save Your Precious Time

A few seconds of spraying & you’re done. And no more time wasted shopping for toilet paper every week.

Simple Pricing

One Titan


One Bathroom House

You Supply The Valve

unlimited users

60 Day Free Trial

Two Titan Bundle


Two Bathroom House

Safety Valves Included

unlimited users

60 Day Free Trial

Two Titans


Two Bathroom House

You Supply The Valves

unlimited users

60 Day Free Trial

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